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Gossip Girl Blair and Chuck or Blair and Dan

Video: Chuck vs. Dan — Who Is Better For Blair on Gossip Girl?

Gossip Girl returns this week after a short hiatus that left fans in the lurch regarding Blair's romantic fate. It seems as if she's getting more serious with Dan, but is Chuck really out of the picture for good? As fans take sides on the matter, BuzzSugar editors Becky Kirsch and Shannon Vestal debate who is better for Blair in this episode of The Buzz.

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it's the biggest Gossip Girl question right now, Dan or Chuck? "I can't stand the thought of you with anyone else. I don't want to be your friend Blair. I want more. I want you! Hi, I'm Shannon Vestal. I'm Becky Kirsch. We're the editors of BuzzSugar, and in this week's episode of The Buzz we're looking at the hot "Gossip Girl" love triangle: Chuck, Blair, and Dan. Now, Blair and Chuck have been on and off for years, but lately we're getting to see Blair explore a relationship with Dan which I love because I am firmly team Dan. But, Becky is actually team Chuck. So, I just want to know why do you like Chuck and Blair so much? I don't think I really need to explain myself here. I think most Gossip Girl fans will agree that Chuck is the right choice, the only choice, when it comes to Blair. Alright. Well, you're going to get a chance to prove yourself, because we're going to put Dan and Chuck in a head to head match up, play a little game, and we'll see who is actually better for Blair. Great, let's do it. Alright. So for our face off we're going to look at who has better chemistry with Blair. I'm going to go ahead and say that all of the years of sexual tension between Blair and Dan are going to pay off. This is kind of a relationship that started off with this mutual loathing, where she made fun of him for being from Brooklyn, he criticized her for being a snobby rich girl and they've always had these funny scenes of being to back and forth, so let's take a look. I'm sorry, are we friends? Of course not. You're trying to ruin my life. You're insane. Never to be realized literary aspirations, check. Towny? You're from Brooklyn, so check. You are such a girl! I didn't want you in the car, and I don't need you now! Fine. Fine! Goodbye. Bye! Yeah, I mean, that's cute funny banter, but they don't have that heat on the other hand, might I present Chuck, who if you remember in the first season, I mean, they have always been so hot for each other right from the beginning. You know, where when she did that little striptease for him and he had scene that way before and then they just totally did it right there in the limo and they've kind of catch it up that way. They always trying to spice it up, so let's take a look at that I hate you. I've never hated anyone more. This has got to end. Well, the evidence speaks for itself. I think, as you said, Dan and Blair make great friends. I think they should stay that way. It's not really fair yet, because we haven't gotten to see Blair and Dan consumate their relationship, yeah. So, they might be just as hot. We've seen a little bit of it in the teaser for the next episode and it's not looking like it's gonna go so well. "Wow" really meant "wow". That was terrible. All right, first time's always awkward, but I still think that the best relationships come out of friendships. Yeah, tell that to Joey and Dawson Well, we're gonna call this one, and since I believe that that scene with Blair and Chuck is never going to leave my brain, but I still love Blair and Dan together. It's a draw. So far, our next match up, we're gonna look at the behavior of the guys and play a little game called, "Who has screwed up more?" We're a chance to list off the bad things that Dan and Chuck have done and we're going to sign strike. Sounds great! All right, well, I think you're going to be in trouble with Chuck. Ooh! I'm so scared. All right. You ready? Yeah.All right. Well, what about the times that, actually all the times that Chuck refused to say "I love you" back to Blair, especially when, that time when she was trying to comfort him after his father's funeral? Think operative words here, "father's funeral", emotional trauma, you can't be blamed for that. Still, I say strike. Okay. Alright, what about the time he gave up on her when they were supposed to meet at the top of the Empire State building. She couldn't make it because Dorota was giving birth and he ran away. He didn't run away. He waited for her. She never showed up. She could have texted texted him. I mean we know all of those kids have cellphones, that was not his fault. Alright, I say strike. Especially when you consider that fact that right after that, he ran off and slept with Jenny. Okay, that was done. That was done. Strike. And I think my trunm card for the bad things that Chuck has done come with that time that Chuck basically sold Blair to his Uncle Jack. It was more complicated than that, and you know it. I still think it comes down to, my boyfriend tried to sell me to his uncle for a hotel, so I say strike fine. Four strikes against Chuck. However, however, Dan himself, not really Mr. Perfect. Okay. Let's break down what Dan does. Let's start with the fact that he He totally fabricated his relationship with Blair. In his book, he said they had sex but they really didn't. Much to get her anger, just to sell more copies. Strike. Unfair because he was not even trying to get his book inside published, that was all Vanessa. Okay, strike. Now, let's go to the next one. How about the fact that he totally ruined Blair's wedding to Louis by leaking that video to Gossip Girl, then he let Chuck and Serena answer and take the blame for it, which is like bad friend on all counts. I just have to say that love makes you do crazy things. I just have to say strike. Now, let's go to the next one. My final point is the fact that Dan has never really manned up when it comes when it comes to Blair, he's always kind of followed her around, he's kind of been her lap dog, errand boy. So, to me that is a strike. All right. Well, what I think what we are looking at is three pretty weak strikes against Dan. Four very strong strikes against Chuck. So we're going to call this one, as far as who treats Blair better, it is definitely Dan. Fine Alright, well for our final section, I think we're gonna go for the ultimate which is, who has better long term potential with Blair? So tell me why you think that Chuck would be a better partner for Blair in the long run? Well to me, Chuck and Blair are the Ross and Rachel of this show. They have always been on again, off again but I think everyone is always kind of rooting for them to get back together and they are really soul-mate. I mean, Chuck has only had a couple of other relationships. He had Raina and he had Eva, that French girl, but they've all been really short. It's always been Blare for Chuck. On the other hand, Dan has had soul-mates all over the He and Serena have that thing that I still don't think is over. Then he also had Vanessa, who was this kind of childhood crush, growing into more. I just think that eventually Dan's going to end with Serena, which leaves room for Chuck and Blair. I mean, I think my biggest problem with Chuck and Blair is the fact that they have had so many opportunities to be together and have a relationship and Chuck always screws it up. He also by the way gets himself in trouble, gets shot, who's to say he is even going to be alive in the future. I think an important thing with Dan is something that Blair recently realized, which is also that he loves her for exactly who she is and that's big because she's pretty difficult. And I think for my final point, but there's like, a little thing I like to look towards, which is the relationship of Lily and Rufus, which is a good example for them because they're from different sides of the tracks, and they have made it work. Yeah I mean like are Lily and Rufus a relationship you want to strive to have on that show? They are so boring! I just think Blair wants a lot more excitement and she wants that big kind of life that only Chuck can give to her. Dan is like more laid back, like Brooklyn style. I just think that's not what she wants in the long run. I think that someone being so different from Blair is actually something that is exciting. All right so, who wins? Well, I kind of have to concede you because I feel like Chuck and Blair show's Ross and Rachel. They might be each other's lobster. So, we're gonna call this one as shocked. Okay. So, to sum up the score card. I think what we have here is chemistry is a draw. Who Blair better, that's definitely Dan. But for future long term potential, it's Chuck. We're just gonna have to see how it shakes out in the future. Alright, well one more final question question. If it were you and not Blair, who would you rather date, Dan or Chuck? I think if it were me, I've been team lonely boy for a long time, I'm gonna say Dan. What about you? I'm gonna go with super option C, Nate Archibald. Why on earth would you want to be with Nate Archibald? I wouldn't want to be with anyone on this show if we're being real but we kind of just said, you know, what's wrong with Nate, I mean, what's wrong with Chuck? What's wrong with Dan? And also Nate's the cutest. All right, well that, I don't really agree with that, but you guys, please let us know who you would pick, Dan or Chuck, in the comments. And thanks for watching The Buzz..

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