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Gossip Girl Promo Fan Reaction

Buzz Blabber: Gossip Girl Promo Sparks Debate About Blair

With Fall TV fast approaching, the networks have been releasing sneak peeks of the season premieres of a lot of shows. This week, glimpses at the CW's Gossip Girl and The Vampire Diaries got you guys buzzing about what you might expect from the new seasons, and venting about how much you've missed certain characters. The end of Fall also means the end of Summer shows like True Blood, which is eliciting passionate reactions from fans as it nears its season finale. See what readers had to say about each show.

The Gossip Girl promo got you gossiping about Blair

  • "The promo didn't really pull me in. I think the Chuck, Nate, and Serena stuff looked interesting, but Blair's story looks so boring. I wish we had something emotional with Serena and Blair or Chuck and Blair to have some heart to it. I guess if Blair is having Chuck's baby the emotion will be there, hopefully. Not really impressed." — MCsquare
  • "I think the promo looks cute and fun — definitely looking forward to the LA stuff. Blair's storyline with the prince is kind of a snoozer, though, that relationship is so obviously doomed. And I could care less about Dan's feelings, since he can barely keep them straight himself. Anyway, let's get this season-full-of-stalling-a-Chuck-Blair-reunion on the road, I'm getting impatient." — katiemacs
  • "Awww, it looks really fun for Chuck, Nate, and Serena. I want more Chuck & Blair in my Gossip Girl life, but I will take Nate being adorable and Chuck and Serena living it up in LA." — seethesun

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Anna Paquin's acting disappoints on True Blood

  • "Maybe I'm alone in this but the last few weeks I've been CRINGING over Anna Paquin's so-called acting. She's been awful. At first I thought it was Anna just doing "southern belle clueless" but it's not. . . it's bad acting." — ChelMarie
  • "Not sure if it's bad acting or bad writing. I think she is going with what they give her, but what they are giving her is absurd. The writers continue to lack continuity with the characters. Sookie is not supposed to be completely stupid, but when the writers choose to have her join hands with the coven anyone with half a brain would know that the spell Marnie was weaving was going to kill the vampires, the very ones Sookie claims to love." — Asfandancer
  • "I'm really over the bad acting, too. I wish Lafayette would catch a break, though. Oh, and I'm ticked off at how Eric treated Pam. It wasn't necessary." — HoneyBrown

Vampire Diaries fans anxiously await the new season

  • "OMG . . . I cant wait until next week! I used to make fun of the whole vampire hype but Vampire Diaries is just so different! I love it! And as for Damon...H-O-T." — sayhk
  • "I can't wait! I feel so empty without Vampire Diaries." — postmodernsleaze
  • "Jeremy looks more grown up this season." — ktc71

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