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Gossip Girl Recap: Episode 10, "Bonfire of the Vanity"

Gossip Girl Rundown: Episode 10, "Bonfire of the Vanity"

On this week's Gossip Girl, love is in the air for Serena, who is aglow with feelings for Aaron the artist. Also glowing? Eleanor Waldorf! Yes, Blair's mother has become totally smitten with Cyrus, a man Blair imagines to be as charming as Cary Grant ("Maybe a dashing stepdad is just what I need"). And because Blair is turning 18, she's determined to remain as poised as as possible, a la Grace Kelly, and welcome Cyrus with open arms.

Then there are the Humphrey kids, who have, to Rufus's horror, cynically traded their souls away in return for fame and fortune. Jenny and Agnes are in a "business partnership" together and looking for some representation, and Dan is back to writing about "Charlie Trout," to his mentor's great pleasure. Ready to chat? Just


  • First of all: How exasperating are both Agnes and Jenny in this episode? Yes, Agnes turns out to be a highly unstable, unreliable friend to Jenny, but jeez, Jenny was very angry last night. She stomps around and screams and cries, and it's just very stressful to watch.
  • Agnes sets Jenny's clothing on fire! That was intense and totally crazy. I personally would have wrestled that you-know-what down to the ground to save my blood, sweat, and tears, but Jenny opts for crying.
  • And then there's Dan, who's playing with fire in his own way, sneaking around Bart Bass for a story he's suddenly commissioned to write for New York Magazine. The entire time, I was thinking Dan's totally out of his mind to mess with the Bass family — how about you?
  • Of course he uncovers controversy in Bart's past via an unnamed source and excitedly tells Rufus it's just like All the President's Men!
  • And then there are Serena and Aaron. He texts her maps all the time? And she follows his little maps around and they meet and make out in places all over New York? It's way too shmoopy for me and makes me feel like they're just setting Serena up to fall.
  • Then Aaron asks Serena to pose for him. Blair warns that being someone's muse is a bad idea, and Serena points out that Picasso had muses, to which Blair replies, "A guy starts out in his blue period, and everything’s great, but it’s only a matter of time before he's all into cubism and it's some other girl's eye coming out of her forehead."
  • And it turns out Aaron has lots of "muses," aka other girls he dates. While I guess he has a point that he would like to see other people, having his ladies overlap like that is just rude. At first Serena says thanks but no thanks to the whole open relationship thing but later decides she's not some stuffy conventional Upper East Sider and hops on board the free-love train.
  • She's so free, in fact, that she goes on a date with Aaron in broad daylight in her nightie. Freeing? Or highly indecent? You be the judge.
  • I love Blair's response to finding out Aaron has lots of muses: "I would tell you that I told you so but now that I'm 18 I'll refrain."
  • Cyrus (played by playwright Wallace Shawn) turns out to be Aaron's father. He also turns out to be a tiny little man and not very dashing in Blair's eyes ("I was expecting Cary Grant and got Danny DeVito!").
  • Blair then becomes determined to kick Cyrus out of her and Eleanor's life ("Screw Grace Kelly. I need a scheme. That tiny man must have a big secret.") but ends up bonding with him (he brings her Cyndi Lauper!).

So Dan does the right thing (I guess? I mean, someone died in a fire because of Bart Bass, and Dan's the only one who knows but decides to bury the information. This show sends my moral compass into a tizzy) and Jenny's homeless, again. How many GG episodes will end with sad Jenny schlepping her stuff around the streets of New York with only her eyeliner to keep her warm? Blair respects Cyrus, but he's making himself a little too comfortable in her home, and Serena fancies herself a free spirit. I can't wait to hear your thoughts on last night's episode!

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