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Gossip Girl Recap: Episode 12, "School Lies"

Gossip Girl Rundown: Episode 12, "School Lies"

While last night's Gossip Girl advertised itself as the first of a two-part episode, there's really only one plot line that remains in limbo: Blair-Chuck-Nate (aka, your favorite love triangle of the year). Well, that and the mystery of whatever happened to little Jenny Humphrey. That said, there are no complaints here about "School Lies" other than I'm not sure I like the characters that I'm supposed to. Check out Fab's fashion quiz and Geek's tech quiz on last night's episode. Now, here are my thoughts:

  • OK, so Nate's been getting hotter and hotter, right? I like to think that he was filming this episode around the time that Chace Crawford himself started to become a stud in Hollywood (dating Carrie Underwood, etc.) and that confidence is showing up on screen. He looks so much more like a dashing man than a wimpy boy. Not to mention that his character is about a billion times less spineless these days. I'm just wondering what he'll do when he inevitably finds out about Blair and Chuck . . .
  • I went from not caring at all about the parent drama to almost liking it more than the stuff with the kids. Out of nowhere, the Bart-Lily-Rufus plot is the best thing about the show (don't worry, no spoilers until after the jump).
  • Want their clothes, and their hair. Anyone else surprised that Serena went with a classic one-piece bathing suit for the illicit pool party?

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  • Ugh, Vanessa is the worst. I mean, I know that she is supposed to be subversive and super cool and not playing into all the prep school nonsense with her artsy self, but she just bugs the hell out of me. I'm glad she gave Blair the tape but surprised that she accepted Blair paying her year's rent in return (even if Vanessa wasn't expecting it to happen). And I get that making a foundation to help fight youth genital herpes in Chuck's name is funny and all . . . but she's just so self-righteous. At least she doesn't seem to be trying to break up Serena and Dan.
  • Speaking of which, Dan himself was a little much last night. He's still a puppy dog for Serena, but he just can't seem to have a good time. Also, even if it did end up being Bart Bass who saved Serena's ass, Dan didn't have to be so demeaning to Serena, who legitimately thought she convinced the head mistress of her merits.
  • Minor point: Is there any way that the key to the pool at an upscale prep school in Manhattan is an old skeleton key on a velvet rope? Come on now, at least give us a giant janitorial key chain. Just saying.
  • Sigh, and then there are the parents. I'm legitimately conflicted about the Rufus-Lily-Bart situation. While it's a little ridiculous that Serena demands that her mom choose Bart (against her heart's desires), that's the thing about being in high school love — you think that it means everything and could be forever. That being said, I totally cheered at the moment when Lily called Rufus and told him she wanted to give it a try. Lily has done a total 180 since the beginning of the season. I love her, and that last moment was heartbreaking. My issue is, why does she have to choose any of them? Why can't Lily just be single a little while longer to look for someone who isn't Bart and isn't Rufus either?
  • Kinda happy to see Blair and Nate together again at the end . . . see my note in the beginning of this rundown about Nate's hotness.

What did you think about last night's episode? Is Chuck really in love with Blair or just taunting her? How will Nate find out? Do Dan and Serena bug anyone else besides me? Where is Jenny? What should Lily have done with Serena's request? Sad that there's only one episode left! Boo!

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