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Gossip Girl Recap: Episode 14, "In the Realm of the Basses"

Gossip Girl Rundown: Episode 14, "In the Realm of the Basses"

It's a new year for the youngsters of Gossip Girl but that doesn't mean much has changed since we saw them last. Chuck's still mean and boozy, everyone still has secrets, and Little Jenny is still caught up with those mean rich girls at school.

Also, Lily and Rufus are still grappling with the fact that they have the hots for each other but can't be together because Lily kept that huge secret from him for 20 years. This long-lost Rufus-Lily lovechild adds a new incestuous-y complication to the on-again/off-again pair, Serena and Dan. It's a little icky to know that your dad loves your girlfriend's mom, but it's super duper icky to know you and your girlfriend share a sibling by blood. Let's talk about it! Just


  • The opening of this episode is so hilarious with Serena doin' the tango in Buenos Aires to ring in the New Year! She's so free-spirited.
  • But where is Aaron Rose? Well, he was not exactly a fan favorite and was abruptly written off the show. Serena informs Dan right off the bat that she got a call from Lily saying she and Rufus would never be together, so Serena promptly ditched poor Aaron. Why did Serena have to be with Aaron if she couldn't be with Dan? Why not alone? Sheesh.
  • So now Dan and Serena are back together which is kinda cute but totally ominous (like, we know they share a half-sibling out there which means these two are probably doomed). I was a little sad they didn't make a bigger deal out of their romantic reunion. Why not take some time and have a big romantic gesture happen or something? Maybe I'm just a sucker for that stuff (like the snow room! Remember that?).
  • Rufus is moody these days, and is displeased to see Dan back with Serena which isn't totally fair. However, if I walked in on my teenager and his girlfriend and they were all giggly with the shirt and tie undone the way Dan's is I'd probably break that little rendezvous up, too.
  • Which brings me to Blair who is an emotional wreck this episode thanks to Chuck, who's back from what appears to be an opium den in Thailand . . . or something (Blair: "Chuck's body odor could have given a contact high to half of Manhattan").
  • Chuck is dragged home by his Uncle Jack who I thought was cute and spunky at first, but now that I've seen the previews for next week I retract that thought.
  • Oh, but back to Blair's emotional ups and downs. That shot of her in the mirror felt a little cheesy to me.
  • But not as cheesy as the slow-motion stripper dancing at the club followed by slow motion bottle breaking on the cement as Chuck teeters on the edge of the roof! As silly as that stuff is though, it's precisely why I tune into this show.
  • Jenny and the mean girls are always fun to watch, too. I loved this exchange:
    Penelope: "The only way Nelly is leaving is in a body bag."
    Hazel: "God, P! Tone down the crazy."
  • We now know Rufus and Lily's kid is a boy! And they're off to go find him.

What did you think of this episode? Do you like the new and improved, slightly less annoying Little J? Are you tired of Blair pining after Chuck? Do you hope Vanessa and Nate show up next week? Do you think Serena's going to be really mad at Dan for not telling her about their brother? Ew, just typing that sentence makes me feel skeevy.

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