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Gossip Girl Recap: Episode 15, "Desperately Seeking Serena"

Gossip Girl Rundown: Episode 15, "Desperately Seeking Serena"

Last night's episode of Gossip Girl hit pause on the Blair vs. Little J storyline and made way for Georgina Sparks. Woohoo! She started out harmless enough (even a little needy), and it seemed like Serena was just making bad choices that had little to do with the arrival of her old friend. However, considering the packages full of porn and handcuffs Georgina sent last week — and the fact that she looks like Michelle Trachtenberg, whose appearance in anything is practically a synonym for "seriously b*tchy" — I was fairly certain things were going to get diabolical fast.

Don't forget to take Geek's tech quiz and then take a look at some of my thoughts on all that went down last night:

  • First off: Jenny's tantrums are getting on my last nerve. Plus, all that talk of needing a king and not a jester is just tacky. And not to be too negative about Little J, but the dog walker, Asher Hornsby, was kind of dopey, no? Or did anyone think he was cute?
  • I love scheming Blair! She's so resourceful (and evil) when she needs to be, and her target last night was over-achieving Nelly Yuki, who, like Blair, wants to go to Yale. According to Blair-logic, only one kid from Constance Billard can get into Yale, so naturally she had to sabotage Nelly's SAT performance.

For more on how the gang survived their SATs and my thoughts on the something-something that's a-brewin' between Nate and Vanessa,


  • At first Georgina seemed harmless and kind of insecure, with an obvious taste for partying. But then she drugged Serena in a bar. She is clearly threatened by "Serena second edition" and her newfound happiness — but they still share some secret together.
  • When Serena's past starts to catch up with her, she turns to Chuck "we'll never share DNA" Bass to bail her out. Huh? When she realizes she's in trouble, she just flips open her phone and barks to Chuck, "Stall!" or "Take care of it!" and then is totally shocked when his trouble-shooting involves morally ambiguous maneuvers like sending a redhead to take the SATs for her.
  • I loved when Georgina lied to Serena about having a wild night, claiming Serena switched to Patron and got flirty with "the guy with the ironic mustache."
  • I know a lot of you think that Nate has double standards with the ladies, but I think I'm starting to like the guy. His character has grown a lot, and . . . you know, he's nice-looking. His new romance with Vanessa is cute so far; however, Blair spotted them together, so they won't be happy for long if she has anything to do with it.
  • Despite my earlier rant, I really loved the scenes in the Humphrey household. Rufus and Dan's exasperation with Jenny's angst is pretty adorable. Jenny, cut your cute dad a break and spend time with the guy!
  • I'm a little confused about how Georgina tracked down Dan, but no matter — she did, and it is so sneaky. She called her dog "Georgie" and introduced herself to him as Sarah.

By the end of the episode, Serena was a little less wishy-washy and threatened Georgina that they will both go down if she reveals the big secret. But now S is shutting out Dan and letting Chuck take care of her — and that might leave Dan vulnerable to the charm of "Sarah." Hey, Trachtenberg has three episodes to go . . .

Do you like Vanessa and Nate together? Are you convinced the big secret Serena is trying to keep from everyone is going to be earth-shattering? Do you wish Serena would stop lying to poor Dan?

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