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Gossip Girl Recap: Episode 5, "The Serena Also Rises"

Gossip Girl Rundown: Episode Five, "The Serena Also Rises"

While there was a whole lot of girl-on-girl drama in this week's episode of Gossip Girl, I am mostly concerned with Dan's dive into the dark side. That's right: he's spending time with Chuck. Those two are great together and I actually like earnest, sorta nerdy, talks-too-much Dan more than sappy in-love-with-Serena Dan. And we're learning so much about Chuck's psyche! He puts up such a tough exterior, doesn't he? His daddy issues run pretty deep, and he really wants someone to be his friend (Nate's been falling down on the job). Basically, Chuck needs a hug.

I'm glad the Duke and Duchess and that icky Nate/Duchess drama is behind us, and in its place we now have a new character — the hilariously named socialite Poppy Lipton. Are you ready to chat about it all? Just


  • Did you catch them slipping in Dan wanting to go to Yale now instead of Dartmouth (and the previews in which both Blair and Serena visit Yale)? I think that's a hint at where season three will take place, what do you think?
  • I love having Lily back and I love even more that she has a naked portrait of herself which wants to show. . . her children.
  • Chuck's really perfected lurking in the school courtyard and obsessing over dethroning Blair. Their fight about who has fewer friends reminds me of similar fights I had in say, sixth grade. Although, I do love when Blair pulls in Dan, just because: "The only person with fewer friends than you is Dan Humphrey and at least his lame '90s dad likes him." Poor Rufus, apparently the '90s are lame.
  • Also lame now? Kirsten Dunst, according to the folks working on the seating chart for Elinor's fashion show. She's "so 2007." FYI.
  • OK, Dan's "mentor" guy is kind of cheesy. Maybe the whole "Dan's a published writer" is cheesy to me but regardless, when his mentor instructs Dan to "go find your Bukowski," I laughed a lot.
  • Turns out that Chuck is Dan's Bukowski! Chuck and Dan's initial exchange on this matter is amazing. Dan: "I need to experience new things." Chuck: "Are you gay?" Dan: "I'd like to experience the world of Chuck Bass." Chuck: "You're lucky I'm bored."
  • OK, sorry, more Chuck and Dan. Dan on drugs and booze the first night (what were those pills?) make their limo ride so funny. I love when he excitedly asks, "How do you know so many twins?!" followed by, "My feet are hot, my feet are hot."
  • Blair throws a lot of screamy fits in this episode but this was the best: "Don't ever go to high school, Dorota!"
  • At first I thought Blair was rather intolerable — sabotaging her own mother's fashion show, taking her anger out on Little J, etc. — but ultimately I'll take her bratty evilness over Serena and her "sparkle" any day.
  • Jenny quit school? What?! I think if I were Rufus I'd be a tad more upset.
  • Lily and Bart are creepy together and his box of her secrets is even creepier. What's in the envelope?!
  • And finally, two words: Charlie Trout.

Do you think Jenny is smart to align herself with Blair over Serena? While having Blair on your side can be extremely useful, she turns so easily and once she's your enemy, you're toast. Seems risky. Do you like Dan and Chuck as friends? Do you think Chuck will ever forgive Dan for Charlie Trout? I guess we're picking teams now, too: Serena or Blair? Should Rufus just enroll Jenny into public school so it's cheaper for him when she skips class? Let's discuss!

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