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"Gossip Girl" Rundown: Episode 2, "The Wild Brunch"

"Gossip Girl" Rundown: Episode 2, "The Wild Brunch"

Last night was the second episode of (officially) the best guilty pleasure of the season — "Gossip Girl." If loving this show is wrong, I'm not sure I want to be right. It's like The OC on crack — more sex, more booze, more money. Love. It. Here are my thoughts:

  • I really can't decide between whose side I am on between Serena and Blair. It's like my head is saying Blair while my heart is saying Serena. After last week I was outwardly Team Blair, but, well, she's kind of a bitch and Serena is trying to change? Kind of? Sigh, she's totally selfish. Well, to be fair, I'm kind of team neither. Fine, both.
  • My Personal Fogey-Meter was off the charts when Chuck woke up next to two members of the hotel staff and casually offered them off to Nate. I know his dad owns the hotel, but come on now. Best parent being blasé about seeing underage child drinking award goes to Chuck's dad, saying to Chuck, "Lay off the scotch, it's barely noon."

To see more, including why I'm coming around to Gossip Girl herself, just

  • So Lily van der Woodsen is officially evil — and not in the fun Julie Cooper way. She was unnecessarily bitchy to her daughter, telling Nate that Serena has a thing for him, and irrationally nasty to Dan. Then again, it took a few seasons for Julie Cooper to be awesome. So are we gearing up to watch her get her heart broken by faux-Caleb Nicol? And then we'll have to feel all bad for her?
  • Josh Schwartz looooves to throw a kink in fancy elitist parties with yelling and or fights. Unfortunately (and I promise, this is the last "OC" mention) no one in the Upper East Side can throw a punch like Ryan Atwood.
  • I hope Dan's not actually mad at Serena for sleeping with Nate and not telling Blair. It's a horrible thing for her to have done to her supposed best friend, but it so has nothing to do with him. Fingers crossed he doesn't get all broody and moody about it.

  • The language on this show! They can call each other whores on primetime? They can say "fuster cluck"?
  • I'm digging the plotline of Jenny as the new sidekick to Blair, but will she be a sidekick with a conscience? Or will she forever be lured by fancy dresses?
  • Nate is an enormous idiot. WHY, why when you send the girl you cheated on your girlfriend with up to a hotel suite to wait for you, would you EVER allow your girlfriend to bring you up there to seal the deal? Seriously! There were about a million ways for him to deter Blair rather than cause that scene. He must secretly have it in for his relationship. He's dumb and probably despicable, but at least he's pretty.

  • So, I've been won over by Gossip Girl herself — mostly because right before the first commercial break she narrated through a montage of the scenes to come in the episode. It got me so excited for all the impending drama — it was awesome.

Now it's your turn — what did you guys think about "The Wild Brunch"? Still loving "Gossip Girl"? Wishing you had Blair/Serena's hairstylist and wardrobe as much as I am?

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