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Grey's Anatomy Recap "Disarm"

Grey's Anatomy Rundown, "Disarm"

After a nice holiday hiatus, this week's episode of Grey's Anatomy picks up right where we left off (OK, a few hours later). Meredith is grilling Derek about his eventful fishing trip with Cristina, while Cristina is happily telling Owen that she's starting to feel better. Meanwhile, Mark and Lexie are still, um, enjoying their reunion, as Callie continues to give Arizona the cold shoulder upon her return from Malawi.

The relationship drama is quickly overshadowed by a major trauma at the hospital: a shooting spree has taken place at a local college campus. As the doctors are forced to snap into action immediately, the old wounds from their own gunfire attack quickly reopen. I really enjoyed this week's episode; it's gripping without going over-the-top, and the writers seem to be changing course for the second half of the season. Ready to break it down? Just keep reading.

  • Meredith's clearly feeling left out now that Derek and Cristina have been spending so much time together, but she can't quite express her emotions at first. Instead, she picks a fight with her husband, claiming that Derek is withholding information about the fishing trip. Derek is rightfully angry, and Meredith's little snit is reminiscent of the early Grey's years, when these two used to bicker all the time. That said, the more mature Meredith quickly shines through, and she explains to Derek that she has an issue with the fact that he and Cristina are helping each other through their post-trauma, but neither have been there to support Meredith. She makes a good point, and Derek is clearly stunned to hear that Meredith asked the shooter to take her own life instead of his. Granted, she could have had better timing (there's an open skull on the table!), but all's well that ends well: she and Derek make up and the patient pulls through surgery.
  • Cristina is back, you guys! Or at least she is this week. What starts off as just another day in Cristina la-la land (she's actually taking a "tour" of Seattle) ends with the old Yang back in scrubs. When Cristina finds herself smack dab in the middle of the campus trauma, something clicks and she snaps right back into surgical mode. Though the doctors are surprised to see her hopping out of the ambulance, nobody questions her (because everyone at Seattle Grace can quit and come back with little explanation). For the first time all season, Yang performs without a hitch, even continuing to stick with Teddy when they discover that they're operating on the shooter himself. She's not quite at 100 percent confidence level yet, but I think it's safe to say that she's back in the surgical saddle.
  • It's not looking good for Callie and Arizona. Though they work together to save life and limb in the hospital, Callie won't change her anti-Arizona stance. Even Arionza's heartfelt speech about flying across the world and doing whatever it takes to prove that she's sorry doesn't work on Callie. These two have always had their ups and downs, but it's starting to look like they could be over for real this time.
  • Teddy goes through with her marriage to patient Henry, and Owen even begrudgingly acts as their witness. I'm already rooting for these two to take things to the next level. Let's just say that Henry had me at "You look exhausted. I look handsome!"
  • Finally, can I just say how happy I am to see Mark and Lexie back together? Mark is so sweet keeping Lexie calm during the trauma, and I loved how Lexie verbally confirmed that she's happy to be with him again.

What did you think of this week's episode? Do you agree with the way Jackson reacted when he learned he was operating on the shooter? Do you think Cristina will have another setback? Sound off below, or check out the Grey's Anatomy McAddicts group in the BuzzSugar community!

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