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"Grey's Anatomy" Recap: Episode 14,"Wishin' and Hopin'"

"Grey's Anatomy" Recap: Episode 14,"Wishin' and Hopin'"

I usually don't have a problem suspending my disbelief for the sake of good television, but at times I thought this week's "Grey's Anatomy" took things a wee bit too far. Still, this episode had plenty of lines that made me laugh out loud — and another that made me feel like I'd been kicked in the stomach. If you haven't watched Thursday's episode yet, stop here, but for the whole story,

Ellis suddenly has her memory back, a development that’s both rare and temporary. Meredith has to tell her she has Alzheimer’s, and the stress makes Ellis collapse, so they end up at Seattle Grace. Everyone tells Meredith this time with her mother is a gift, but Meredith can't see how.

Speaking of gifts, Bailey's clinic somehow opens. "Eight days, eight million dollars," Izzie says, and frankly, I don't buy that for a second. The first people through the door are George and Callie, who answer part one of last week's cliffhanger by announcing they got married in Vegas. Two great reactions:

Alex: "She's Callie O'Malley."
Izzie: "Tiny diamonds are great, cause you know no one will ever try to steal it."

Speaking of Cristina, she still hasn't given Burke an answer. She's assigned to work with Meredith's mom, and Ellis connects with her right away. Meanwhile, Izzie freaks out that Denny's money is going to waste, so she and Alex go to the ER to steal some patients. (Another thing about the clinic: Would it not have its own staff?)

Addison makes sex-eyes at Alex, and Callie tells her she's looking at him like he's a delicious turkey dinner. Addison says she is not going to be sleeping with "the help." Meredith tells Ellis she has a boyfriend and she's very happy, which makes Ellis' claws come out: "The Meredith I knew was a force of nature," she says. (Remember when Richard used that same term to describe Ellis?) She tells Meredith she was raised to be extraordinary but clearly isn’t.

Meanwhile, George and Richard treat a woman who's having some kind of complications from cancer. Her boyfriend tells George they got serious really fast, and he doesn't even know his girlfriend's middle name. George staggers down the hallway and asks Callie her middle name. Callie thinks George’s "weird and judgy friends" are getting to him. George eventually realizes he's actually sick, and he stumbles into the clinic, followed by Nurse Olivia and a lab tech. George tries to warn the other doctors in surgery with the woman, but they've already passed out. I'm not even going to pretend I understand this plotline, but somehow the woman's blood is toxic.

The clinic finally gets a patient: a girl whose dad says she needs to learn how to use tampons. Izzie rolls her eyes, and asks to be excused. Bailey takes over, and the girl admits she thinks she's pregnant. She turns out not to be, but Bailey gives one of her awesome speeches that makes the whole $8 million worth it.

Cristina tells Ellis she has heart disease, but it's technically Meredith's choice whether Ellis has surgery. Cristina asks Ellis if it’s possible to be a great doctor and have a life, and Ellis says she just never tried hard enough. Meanwhile, the toxic woman starts waking up in surgery, and Addison rushes into the room to put her back under. Burke and Derek go in in airtight suits, but they run out of air before they can finish. Then, because the hospital apparently has no other doctors nor any more airtight suits, the interns finish the operation by holding their breath and running into the OR one at a time.

In the clinic, where the doctors are recovering from the toxic woman, Callie yells at George for thinking she was the reason he felt sick. "And my middle name is Efigenia," she says. "Can't wait to hear what your pals have to say about that." Alex tells Addison it was cool that she rushed in to help the toxic woman, and she puts her good judgment to use by moving to a bed far, far away.

Richard tells Ellis he can't stop thinking about the life they could have had together. He's pictured a brother and sister for Meredith, a battle for chief that Ellis would probably win, a big house. Ellis said she would have been happy, and that would have changed everything.

Izzie keeps being bratty to Callie — "you're not moving in, are you? — and George finally stands up to them:

George: "Callie Efigenia Torres is my wife."
Izzie: "Efi--?"
George: "Don't even."

Addison, meanwhile, restores balance to the world by making out with Mark.

Cristina tells Burke she doesn’t do rings, and she’s going to be a surgeon, so they’ll have to hire a wife. Burke realizes she’s saying yes, and they giggle and laugh and fall into each other's arms.

Meredith goes back to her mom’s room and says she wants Ellis to have the surgery because she hopes there will be a breakthrough that gives the two a second chance. Then Ellis utters the line that makes me feel like I’ve been kicked in the stomach: "You remind me of my daughter." She's gone again.

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