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"Grey's Anatomy" Recap: Episode 20, "Time After Time"

"Grey's Anatomy" Recap: Episode 20, "Time After Time"

So as I said earlier, I surprised myself by liking this week's "Grey's Anatomy." We got glimpses of all the families and surrogate families swirling around Seattle Grace: Meredith and her "fake mommy," Jane Doe/Ava and the family that might be hers, and Izzie and George (who I think are just so much better as friends, by the way, but more on that later). If you're ready to talk about it,

The episode, as Meredith told us in the voiceover, was all about our histories coming back to haunt us. We saw that most clearly with Izzie when the daughter she gave up for adoption arrives at Seattle Grace needing a bone marrow transplant. I'd forgotten that nobody knew about Izzie's daughter, but the secret comes out when Bailey spots Izzie crying. Izzie tells Bailey she's thought about meeting her daughter, but she always imagined that they'd both be older, and more mature, and healthy. It doesn't really matter, though, because Hannah's parents tell Izzie that Hannah doesn't want to meet her. Bailey — awesome Bailey — reminds Izzie that if she wants to have another chance with Hannah, Hannah needs to be alive, and Izzie agrees to the transplant, but only if it stays a secret.

Things moved too quickly from there, but I guess if they can build a clinic in eight days, they can do a bone marrow transplant in six hours. George starts to get worried about Izzie and coerces Meredith — who's been put in charge of Izzie's lab samples — into telling him where she is. He barges in and demands to know what's going on, and Izzie lets him stay through the procedure (and help her put her pants on, for a change … heh). Izzie tells George about Hannah, and she also tells him that she really needs them to be friends, but George just blubbers that he has to go and walks out.

And there's a pause, and he comes back to her! It's sweet, except I fear they might be falling in love, and I Do Not Want That. George wheels Izzie to the hallway where Hannah is getting her transplant and tells Izzie that Hannah looks like her, with her eyes and mouth ("so she probably talks a lot and eats a lot"). Izzie gets up the courage to look in the window and agrees that her daughter is beautiful. Then George runs into Callie and lies to her about where he's been. That’s not going to end well.

Meredith has some history of her own to contend with: Susan desperately wants to be her mom, but Meredith can't deal with the (s)mothering and tells Susan she won't be her daughter. Susan later tells Meredith it's her fault that Thatcher didn't fight harder for her; now she’s trying to find a way to be there for Mere, and Meredith needs to stop being rude.

Meanwhile, Richard admits that he doesn't want Derek to be chief because it will hurt Meredith. Derek tells Bailey she was right that being with Meredith would complicate everything, but Bailey tells Derek that success means nothing if he's alone. This should be easy; after all, Derek did pull Mere's near-dead body from the water. But when Meredith calls him, he doesn't answer.

Cristina gets rid of Marlowe by pretending to be girly and subservient, and it's mostly dull, but here's one interesting bit: After Marlowe embarrasses Burke in surgery, Cristina cheers Burke up by asking him to explain part of the procedure, and Marlowe tells her that the Cristina he knew would never try to boost someone's ego. Has Cristina lost her edge? Burke, though, seems thrilled that Marlowe is gone so Cristina can be herself again; he likes her ruthless side.

Jane Doe/Ava, meanwhile, gets her new face, and as soon as photos go out to the media, a family steps forward to claim her. They tell Ava her name is Shannon and she teaches second grade, and Ava is thrilled to have her history back. But it's a false alarm: Shannon's mom realizes that Ava isn't her daughter. Alone again, Ava accuses Alex of keeping her in the hospital so he can have her for himself.

Finally, Mark spends his screen time trying to teach Richard how to flirt, because — as Richard finally figures out — Mark thinks that if he gets Richard laid, Richard will make Mark chief. Mark takes Richard to Joe's Bar and gets Richard into a conversation with a pretty young thing; Richard rolls his eyes and complains to Addison that he doesn't even know how to date. Addison asks Richard to practice on her, and he asks her to dance, and oh my goodness: Do you think Addison will sleep with Richard, sending her career in a nosedive and possibly having her head to LA for a little thing we like to call "Private Practice"?

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