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Grey's Anatomy Recap: Episode 21, "No Good at Saying Sorry (One More Chance)"

Grey's Anatomy Rundown: Episode 21, "No Good at Saying Sorry (One More Chance)"

It's Take Your Family Issues to Work Day on Grey's Anatomy this week, as Izzie, Meredith, and Lexie all have to deal with parents showing up at Seattle Grace unexpectedly and Callie works through family strife of her own after her father's tumultuous visit. Meanwhile, Owen and Cristina attempt to have a normal working relationship, with frustrating results. To chat about it, just


Izzie has never talked much about her family. We know her mom called her Cricket and spent money on psychic hotlines, but that's about it. So it's a little crazy for Izzie's mom to suddenly show up in Seattle, all dressed in too-young clothing and flirting with Alex. Izzie didn't even want her there; that was Bailey's doing, but even someone with a maternal instinct as strong as Bailey's soon realizes she's made a mistake. Izzie's just started to come to terms with her illness; the last thing she needs is for her mother to 1) act like it's no big deal, because after all, that woman with the mole on her privates on Tyra survived, or 2) weep hysterically because Izzie's going to die just like her grandma. I'm a little surprised Bailey was so willing to lie to Robbie, but it did get the job done: Izzie and her mom are just better off "loving each other from a distance."

If only Robbie Stevens had crossed paths with Thatcher Grey! Thatcher turns up at Seattle Grace, sober and working his steps; he's there to make amends for everything he did to make Meredith and Lexie's lives harder. I'm a little surprised Lexie accepts his apology so quickly, but she's also always been the Grey sister who believed in the bonds of family. Meredith's cold reaction doesn't surprise me at all, but I did like seeing her complicated relationship with the Chief finally come to a head. She's been working for years now under the guidance of the man who disrupted her childhood. And he does treat her differently; he's probably both tougher on her and kinder to her than he is with any other doctor. In the end, he, too, is making amends: He saw what Ellis was doing to Meredith, and he chose not to fight. It's only now that he seems to be realizing that if he wasn't going to be a dad to her, nobody was.

Though it didn't get much screen time, I was sucked in by Owen and Cristina's story. The two of them are intense people on their own, and that doubles when they're together, so the tension right now is through the roof. Owen tries to treat her like a casual acquaintance — "take care now" — and has her do menial tasks while George gets the big jobs on the trauma team. And she's mad: "What are you, just a 'choke 'em and forget 'em' kind of guy?" But it's not that at all. What Owen wants to do is say he loves her, and that hurts.


  • The story of the little girl, her mother, and the abusive father gets tied up neatly, but I couldn't help feeling somewhat moved by it anyway. Meredith oversteps her boundaries, bigtime, but given her mindset during this episode, she's not willing to see another child hurt. "Your 6-year-old daughter is stronger than you" can't be an easy (or even appropriate) message to hear, but in this case, it inspires someone to get out of a bad situation.
  • Callie's reaction to her tree-sitting patient and her buttoned-up sister is interesting: She wishes her family could be screaming at her, but instead she's getting stony silence.
  • Even though dads never like him, Mark agrees to daddy dinner with Lexie and Thatcher! Even Mark Sloan has to grow up sometime.
  • Sweetest/saddest scene: Alex describing the food to Izzie for Meredith and Derek's wedding site, then clutching the little stuffed animal Izzie's mom brought while Izzie's wheeled off to surgery.
  • I wonder if Richard will ever read Ellis's journals.

Just a couple of weeks to go for the season! Do you like how Grey's is going these days?

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