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Grey's Anatomy Rundown: Episode 10, "Crash Into Me (Part Two)"

Grey's Anatomy Rundown: Episode 10, "Crash Into Me (Part Two)"

Sometimes, thanks to the ferry boat disaster, it's easy to forget that Grey's Anatomy does big episodes well. The show made its name with a live bomb inside a patient's chest; big episodes were once its forte. "Crash Into Me," thankfully, felt more like an old-school disaster episode. It was bloody and medically intense, almost ER-style. But there were some solid emotional stories, as well — and though they were predictable, that didn't make them unsatisfying. To talk about the episode, just

Most of the doctors had key realizations in this episode: Derek confirmed that Meredith may never be enough for him; Izzie accepted that she'll never be hardcore in the Christina/Hahn way; George and Izzie decided they could never make their relationship work; Bailey faced the fact that she puts the hospital ahead of her home.

Even Lexie learned a couple of things: that she can actually be a good doctor when the situation calls for it, and that medicine doesn't always help people. If Izzie is idealistic, Lexie has practically been Pollyanna; she really believes the best about everyone and thinks every situation will have some good. But being splattered with a patient's blood, doing everything right, and still failing to save him is the sort of thing that will cause your idealism to take a hit.

If there's any good news for Lexie, it's that she might finally have a chance to get to know Meredith. Mere learned some things, too — though with Meredith, I'm never sure how long these lessons will stick — about just having someone to get you through. The best she can do right now is telling Derek not to date other people — after he's already kissed someone else, not that she knows that yet — but it's a start.

Speaking of Derek: The sudden attraction to Rose has confused me a little because I can't tell what it's based on (the way she gets nervous around him and isn't afraid to say so?). I knew it had to be coming, and yet their kiss still took me by surprise. Don't they usually have supply closets for that sort of thing?

Maybe the closets were occupied by Alex and Ava. What are these two doing? I'm glad Alex got caught — and Mark recognizing the face he built was the perfect way to do it — and I'm glad he seems to realize that Ava is just there to play dress-up and escape her actual life. It's not stopping him from kissing her, though.

Izzie was playing dress-up in these episodes as well, being a mini-Hahn instead of her usual, compassionate self. It earned her praise but no satisfaction; she would have rather been with the patients' families than in the toughest surgery. I liked this story, and not just because it signaled the end of Gizzie — though boy, they just slipped that in there, huh? George chalked the problem up to timing and not chemistry; whatever the reason, I'm glad we're done.

Some other thoughts:

  • Bailey was clearly never going to make it out of surgery to meet her husband. Did the whole bit about telling him he'd be grateful for a good surgeon if he were wounded feel like foreshadowing to anyone else?
  • I loved the structure of this episode, with the flash forwards at the beginning — especially when the one of Cristina and Meredith dancing panned out to reveal Lexie there, too, at the end.
  • The drinking and dancing scene, in general, reminded me of the first two seasons of the show — and that's not a bad thing.

Is there a Mark/Hahn hookup in our future? Do you feel anything for Derek and Rose? And how are you going to make it through the Grey's hiatus?

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