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Grey's Anatomy Rundown: Episode Nine, "In the Midnight Hour"

Grey's Anatomy Rundown: Episode 9, "In the Midnight Hour"

In this week's Grey's Anatomy, things went from bad to craaaa-zy as the two wildest plotlines of the season — the interns' secret surgery center and Izzie's relations with Denny's ghost — got even more out of control. That said, though, I can't remember the last time I was so excited to watch Grey's. I do love a good trainwreck, so maybe that's it, but there are also some good things in this episode in between all the nutso stuff. To chat about it, just


It was clear from the previews that an intern surgery was going to get out of control, and I'm not the least bit surprised Sadie was the "patient." I'm also not surprised that Lexie attempted to back out, because at her heart, she really is that girl who got raised with smiley-face posters on her wall. She's, well, Bambi. But she doesn't want to be, and so when Sadie says Mere thinks she's a priss, she goes ahead with the surgery — not like Sadie left her much choice, what with slicing open her own abdomen. Of course things go wrong, and of course Sadie's fine anyway. That's the Grey's way.

That said, though, that ridiculous twist actually reveals a lot about our doctors: Meredith and Cristina actually have grown up, because they do seek help. All the residents realize they need to step it up as teachers and as disciplinarians, giving the interns essentially the same speech Bailey gave them after Izzie cut the LVAD wire. Bailey misses the time medicine made her giggly and bouncy; an appendectomy is disaster for the interns and a goal for the residents, and for Bailey, it's routine. Cristina learns Mere's not as loyal as she thought because Mere doesn't defend her to the Chief. Sadie maybe realizes she's actually gone too far. It's some good stuff — I just wonder why they needed such an extreme story to get there.

Meanwhile: Izzie and Denny's ghost have sex. Then, Izzie finally tells Denny to his face ("face"?) that he doesn't get to feel bad about dying; she, after all, is the one who convinced him to let her cut the LVAD wire. Denny is sweet and handsome as always, and he keeps saying "I'm here for you," but . . . he's also a ghost. In the end, Izzie does choose Alex, but I'm not convinced that means Denny's gone. (And if he is, that's an awfully anticlimactic ending.) Where do you think this story can go?

Some other thoughts:

  • The story of the father who sleepwalks and the girl who stays up all night to coax him back to bed is a sweet one, but I couldn't focus on it much, given all the craziness going on elsewhere at Seattle Grace. Same goes for Callie breaking her nose, and I practically forgot about the poop transplant.
  • Aw, Hunt likes Cristina in his twisted, weird way.
  • As mad as Cristina gets at Meredith, it seems to me like she must have done a pretty bad job defending herself to get taken out of the running for solo surgery. Did she tell the Chief she only knew the interns were suturing each other? Or did she let him believe she knew about the whole lab?
  • Also, I know some of you have commented that as med students, you practiced on each other — but did it ever go this far?
  • Where's George? Other than being told (randomly and unbelievably) that Lexie's kinda in love with him, he's basically missing.

So: What on earth is going on with Izzie and Denny? Are you glad Meredith tells Sadie how irresponsible she was? And could you see any good in between all the crazy?

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