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Grey's Anatomy Rundown, "I Always Feel Like Somebody's Watchin' Me"

Grey's Anatomy Rundown, "I Always Feel Like Somebody's Watchin' Me"

This week on Grey's Anatomy, the doctors are (mostly) done grieving for George and have moved on to the newest preoccupation: the merger. With their jobs on the line, everyone can't get enough hospital time in as they fight off paranoia in the midst of a new batch of patients.

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  • Each of the doctors has his/her own way of reacting to the merger. Derek and Mark seem to be the only ones who are keeping their cool. Though Meredith also kept it together, her optimism is so out of character that it can only be chalked up to the crisis, and even she recognizes it.
  • Christina has never had an ego problem, but she's suddenly worried that none of the doctors "has her back." She decides to suck up to Arizona and head to peds, where she couldn't be more out of place. Her Mr. Bear voice was priceless.
  • Izzie tries to pretend that everything's fine, showing off a new wig and heading back to work so she won't get fired. (Sadly, we already know how this one ends). Alex tries to micro-manage Izzie and her illness, which at first seemed super annoying but was pretty sweet by the end of the episode.
  • Lexie is the most panicky of the bunch, talking a mile a minute and landing face down in blood. She proves her worth in the end by suggesting side-by-side surgeries for a paranoid schizophrenic and his overprotective mother. The parallel between the paranoia of the doctors and the paranoid schizophrenic was obvious to say the least. I have to admit though, his mother's "growth" could totally pass for an alien baby.
  • Speaking of babies, how awful is the doctor who nearly slices off a newborn's arm? I love that Arizona kept everyone together and saved her.
  • The Chief hides out in his office until the end of the episode, where he makes a round of layoffs via email. Among the goners are 3/4 of the interns and the syphilis nurse.
  • Yay for Arizona standing up for herself at the end of the episode. Not only does she give Christina a piece of her mind for using her, but she orders Callie to try to get her old job back. Love it.
  • In the end, Izzie realizes that she's still battling cancer and still healing from George's death. I'm happy she and Alex ended on a sweet note instead of a sour one, but it won't be long before she loses her job.

What did you think of this week's episode? Did you think schizophrenic Tom was going to wreak more havoc than he did? Did any of the main doctors deserve to get the boot?

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