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"Grey's" Fans: Here's a Taste of Season Four

"Grey's" Fans: Here's a Taste of Season Four

We already know things are going to look a little different at Seattle Grace when "Grey's Anatomy" returns to the air Sept. 27. But now, thanks to an update on the show's media site and a story in Us Weekly, I've got a few more details about what the new season holds. If you want some spoilers — more like teasers, really — then you just have to

  • According to ABC, the newly minted residents will be getting their own interns to mentor. Among the interns: George, repeating his internship after failing the exam (an executive producer told Us that he'd be Meredith's intern), and Lexie Grey, Mere's half-sister.
  • Cristina takes Meredith on her "honeymoon" after being left at the altar; according to Us, when Cristina returns two weeks later, Burke is mysteriously nowhere to be found. As for Mere and Der, they're at what ABC calls "an emotional impasse."
  • The crew doesn't adjust well to taking orders from Callie instead of Bailey. Bailey, meanwhile, has to find a whole new place in the hospital hierarchy after being passed over for chief resident.
  • The Chief returns to his position, but this time he's attempting to keep a better work/life balance for the sake of Adele, with whom he has officially reunited.
  • Mark tries to rekindle his friendship with Derek; apparently, the guy's lonely after Burke and Addison both leave.

It's not much to go on, but it's a start, especially considering how tightly Shonda Rhimes guards her spoilers. What else would you like to see happen in season four?

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