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An Important Reminder of How Hot Han Solo Is

Dec 30 2015 - 11:00am

Han Solo has returned [1] to the big screen in Star Wars: Episode VII [2], and though there's a a whole new cast [3] alongside original stars like Harrison Ford [4], it was always all about Han Solo. Ford's portrayal of Han Solo is a pop culture touchstone — a cocky hero to redefine cocky heroes — and he's superhot doing it. Ford is 73 now, but back in the day, he was out-of-this-world sexy, and we'd love to convince you of it with the following evidence.

There's This Genuine Smile

This Chill Recline

This Confession

This Epic Hair Flip

This Wide Smile

This Salute

This Cocky Line

This Hurt Face

This Victorious Reaction

This Brush-Off

This Confused Kiss

This Pensive Moment

This "Who, Me?" Face

This Shaken-Up Landing

This Sexy Kiss

These Wise Words

This Funny Face

This Classic Phrase

And Finally, This Iconic Wink

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