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Who Said It: Hannah Horvath or Hanna Marin?

Jun 11 2014 - 1:12pm

If you watch Pretty Little Liars [1], you know Hanna Marin as the sassy, street-smart, lovable girl who loves to eat. If you watch Girls [2], you know Hannah Horvath as . . . well, a sassy, street-smart, lovable girl who loves to eat. When you get more specific, of course, the two characters seem like they're worlds apart, but we couldn't help but notice they have a lot of similarities, too. Can you tell who said what? Take our quiz below and find out just how well you can differentiate between Hannah from Girls and Hanna from PLL.

Source: HBO [3], ABC Family [4]

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"You've barely eaten since we left the hospital, and licking the salt off pretzels does not count as lunch."


1. Rebekah-East 30
2. Laura-Marie-Meyers 29
3. Ryan-Roschke 29
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