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Harry Potter's Ron and Hermione Chosen as Best Movie Romance of 2010

Community Blabber: Ron and Hermione Are 2010's Best Movie Romance

Wow. We received an overwhelming response this week to our Best Movie Romance of 2010 poll, as Twilight and Harry Potter fans battled it out. In the end, Ron and Hermione rose to the top — but not without a tough fight. Check out those comments, along with some of the other hot topics of the week, including Robert Pattinson in the Water for Elephants trailer and Golden Globes reactions!

Ron and Hermione fans take over our Best Movie Romance poll

  • "I don't think we needed scenes of Ron and Hermione sucking face to appreciate their romance. It's clear for all to see what they mean to each other, and those who've read the books, which is a lotta people, get it too." — Miss Shapes
  • "Go watch the Harry Potter movie or at least read the book. Hermione and Ron have plenty of romantic scenes. Half the movie is about their little love affair and how Ron loves her and is jealous of Harry. Come on people get with the program vote for Ron and Hermione!!!!!" — LillyOBrian
  • "Ron and Hermione definitely had romance in DH part 1! Just because they weren't all over each other does not mean there was no romance." — LadyLiLa83

More reader comments after the jump.

The Water for Elephants trailer: was Robert Pattinson a good casting choice?

  • "Seriously, I am so looking forward to this movie. I so loved the book. I think Robert is going to shine in it, he's going to prove his critics wrong. Christoph and Reese are awesome. So can't wait for it!!!" — Piebeary71
  • "I loved the book, but I think Pattinson is completely miscast. He is just not a good actor, and he is going to drag the whole movie down." — suziryder
  • "You can't really tell how Pattinson will do based on the teaser. I think it looks good, and if people can back away from preconceived notions about any of the actors and look at it as a clean slate, I think it looks good." — Renee3

The Tourist is a Golden Globe nominee — say what?!

  • "The Tourist/Jolie/Depp got nominated in the comedy category? BWAAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHHAHAA The movie is a BOMB and I don't think it was meant to be a comedy." — littlebobeep
  • "Wow, OK I saw The Tourist and while I didn't think it was quite as bad as critics made it out to be, it is in NO way award-worthy. Sorry Johnny...still love you though!" — Rory1225
  • The Tourist and Burlesque were actually nominated for something? Ew. Horrible, horrible." — gingirl
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