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Hellboy 2 Trailer

Movie Preview: Hellboy 2 Full-Length Trailer

Hold on to your red horns because the official full-length trailer for Hellboy II: The Golden Army has arrived and it looks awesome.

Although the first trailer was quite long and full of information, this new peek at director Guillermo del Toro's follow-up to the first Hellboy reveals more of the heart-stoppingly creepy monsters that rumble through the city.

I'm so glad the Hellboy franchise is in this director's hands as he truly understands what it takes to visually tell a great story, and he's one of the few people capable of creating a world where — as the trailer puts it — forces beyond our understanding reside.

We also get a little glimpse at the funny and adorable "I have a crush on you" banter between Ron Perlman's Hellboy and Selma Blair's Liz Sherman. Are you excited as I am?

Hellboy II opens in theaters July 11. To check out the new trailer with an introduction from Guillermo del Toro himself,



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