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"Heroes" Recap: Episode 12, "Godsend"

"Heroes" Recap: Episode 12, "Godsend"

After a long hiatus, "Heroes" is back! (To get up to speed, check out my recap of the season so far.) Last night's episode, "Godsend," begins two weeks after Peter Petrelli had his vision and subsequent collapse. Now he lies in a Manhattan hospital bed, apparently still having visions, while Nathan demands Simone take him to view Isaac's paintings: "I want to see what's worth all this." The two go to the studio to find Isaac, who says he can paint without the drugs now and that he still loves Simone.

One of Mr. Linderman's men shows up at D.L.'s house to retrieve the $2 million, and D.L. asks if the charges against him have now been dropped. The man says Niki's confession took care of most of that. As for the other stuff, he says D.L. is a free man but still in debt to Linderman. To find out what's up with the other heroes,

In jail, Niki's alter-ego Jessica is combative and dangerous, and the D.A. plans to seek the death penalty for Niki. During a visit, Niki tells D.L. that it was right of him to give back the $2 million. When a guard goes to beat her with the club, she breaks it in half. Because she's still Niki, she's shocked at her strength. In the end, she's in a straitjacket and someone gives her a shot. As Niki, she calls on God for help, and then Jessica takes over, saying, "Who needs God when you have me?"

Claire lies to her father, saying she doesn't remember anything about witnessing Jackie's murder. He calls that a "blessing," thinking her memories have been erased by the Haitian.

In her meeting with the Haitian man, she mulls, "Save the cheerleader, save the world. What does that even mean?" The Haitian tells Claire that her real parents work for Mr. Bennet. The Haitian's "gift" is erasing memories, but, unfortunately for her friend Zach, he can't give memories back. Claire desperately wants Zach to help her make more videos, "so I never forget what I am, no matter what happens to me." She starts all over again with Zach videotaping her doing the crazy death-defying stunts.

Mr. Bennet observes a catatonic Sylar, crumpled on the floor. "Not so dangerous anymore are we, Mr. Sylar?" The team of scientists is running all sorts of tests, finding little more than telekinesis. Mr. Bennet says to dig deeper. Based on Matt Parkman's hunch that Mr. Bennet is keeping Sylar in a paper factory, he has a SWAT team sweep the place. The team finds nothing, however, and Parkman's credibility is doubted. Parkman encounters Mr. Bennet and says he's going to figure out how he is pulling everything off. Parkman goes home and tells his wife of his power to read minds. She's skeptical, so he challenges her to think of a number between 1 and a million.

Hiro and Ando visit the Museum of Natural History to find the sword Hiro is wielding in Isaac's painting. Ando points out that the bomb is going off on Nov. 8 and that they only have three weeks. Hiro thinks the sword will restore his powers, but when he pulls the "sword" from its sheath, he finds a short wooden stick with a label that reads "Replica, courtesy of the Linderman Group." Hiro and Ando then go to Isaac's studio, where Simone tells Hiro that Linderman is one of her art clients, and she can get Hiro in to see him in Vegas.

Mohinder Suresh explains to a detective that his father was a geneticist, that "all the people on the List share a unique genetic markup that he was able to map and track using the Human Genome Project." He wants to warn each of them about Sylar. The detective informs Mohinder that Eden was really named Sarah Ellis and was on the List but recently found dead.

Mr. Bennet visits Mohinder, asking him to hand over the List: "You've no doubt realized things can go terribly wrong with these abilities. If you work with me, we can control that...Together we could actually make a difference." Mohinder says he's going to warn everyone on the List, and Mr. Bennet hands him a business card that says, 1-800-PRIMA16.

In the Nevada desert, a house glows from within, and Ted the radioactive guy sits inside. He tests out his powers, making his hands glow bright and fiery.

Back in the hospital, Peter is still having visions in which he says "I took his power, Nathan, I can't control it," then he glows red and explodes. In real life, Peter awakens from his coma, screaming. Peter is on the phone getting a flight to Las Vegas when he sees something from his vision: a scruffy man who has taken a wallet and is counting out the money. In Peter's apocalyptic vision, this man is laughing just before Peter explodes. Peter shouts to him, and the man attacks Peter, saying, "Nobody sees me! I'm invisible." Peter, having taken on guy's power, is also invisible as the man tries to throttle him.

Tune in next Monday at 9 p.m. to find out what happens next!

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