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"Heroes" Recap: Episode 13, "The Fix"

"Heroes" Recap: Episode 13, "The Fix"

This week's episode of "Heroes" revolved around parent-child relationships: Two of the heroes' parents are revealed, one hero is going to have a baby, and we learn more about Micah's power.

The episode starts off where last week's ended: The invisible man is choking Peter Petrelli, amazed and angry that Peter can see him. Peter pleads with him, saying the city’s in danger, to which invisible guy replies, “Then you better leave town.” Peter wants to learn how to control his ability, but the invisible man says he can’t teach him anything.

Next, we see Niki wake up in her padded cell. A psychiatrist named Dr. Witherson thinks Niki has multiple personality disorder and says she can help. Niki is reluctant at first but ultimately agrees to work with the psychiatrist for her son Micah's sake. Dr. Witherson says she'll need to speak with Jessica in order for anything to work. To find out what happens with Micah and the other characters,

Micah observes D.L. struggling to pay the rent, so he finds an ATM machine, puts his hand on it, and coaxes money out. In an earlier episode, Micah brought an out-of-order pay phone back into operation, so it looks like he has the power to manipulate machinery. Addressing an astonished D.L., he says with a winning grin: “You know how you and mom have a secret? Well ... I have a secret too.”

Meanwhile, mind-reader Matt Parkman and his wife Janice are getting along as she starts to believe in his power. The police department holds a review hearing to discuss Parkman's odd behavior, including his insistence that he can read minds. Parkman lies and says he made it all up, and they suspend him for 6 months. When he gets home, Janice “thinks” the news of her pregnancy to him, and there is much rejoicing. A new little half-hero!

Sylar, strapped to a bed, appears to be dying. Mr. Bennet, however, won't have it, instructing the scientist guy to keep bringing him back. "When he dies it’ll be on my terms, not his,” Mr. Bennet says in his creepy way.

Hiro and Ando, picking up their rental car, are chased by thugs who catch up with them and grab Ando. Hiro tells them to release the “un-special Ando,” but instead, they take the both of them. Once in the van, a man says in Japanese that he believes Hiro has a power, but then states, “I work for someone who has true power. A man who knows what you’re up to and wants you to stop.” They arrive at some dark and sketchy place and Hiro assures Ando that he will never betray him. The van door opens to reveal... Hiro’s father (George Takei)!

Nathan Petrelli pays a visit to Mohinder, and they establish that they need to find Peter. Mohinder says, “Peter’s DNA allows for a blend, like colors in a mosaic,” meaning Peter has the ability to mimic those powers around him. Nathan wants Mohinder to alter Peter's gene, and Mohinder wants to study Peter, saying he is the most important person on the List.

They find Peter at the apartment, but he runs out the door. Nathan and Mohinder think he’s flown aways, so they leave, but we see that the invisible man has caught Peter and the two are invisible together. The invisible man says he can help Peter control his abilities, but it’ll be hard. Peter asks how many people he's taught before and the man doesn’t answer.

Claire and Zach try unsuccessfully to find some dirt on Mr. Bennet. When Mr. Bennet comes in they pretend to be biology partners studying the manatee. Claire hangs up some wind chimes outside her window as a signal to the Haitian that she has an emergency. She meets up with the Haitian and asks him if he knows who her real parents are. He says he knows nothing of her father and that her mother died in an explosion 14 years ago.

Claire and Zach find an old newspaper record about an apartment fire in Kermit, TX, in which 21-year-old Meredith Gordon and her 18-month-old daughter died. Claire says innocently to her dad, “Did you know that all three varieties of manatee are vulnerable to extinction?” which seems to refer to how the heroes might be in danger of extinction. Mr. Bennet says he’ll always be there for her, then notices the wind chimes and stiffens. Phoning all the Gordons in Kermit, Claire eventually finds her birth mother, who light a cigarette by causing fire to jump from her fingertips.

Mrs. Bennet tells her husband that Lyle has been very absent-minded lately. Just then, Mr. Bennet learns that Sylar is dead. As the scientist guy prepares Sylar's body "for shipping," Sylar opens his eyes. Mr. Bennet goes to Sylar's cell and finds him alive, calmly asking, “How’s Claire?”

I can't wait for next week when we learn more about Hiro's dad, Claire's mom, and Claire's "daddy." In the meantime, what did you think of this week's "Heroes"?

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