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"Heroes" Recap: Episode 15, "Run!"

"Heroes" Recap: Episode 15, "Run!"

This week's "Heroes" included plenty of family drama (including Claire's "You're not my real dad!"), a dual personality argument without the help of a mirror, and some evil Sylar-ific antics. All in all, it was a satisfying Monday night. For my highlights, read on:

  • First things first, is anyone else unbearably attracted to Mohinder? It’s starting to distract me from my work. Anyway.
  • Jessica is dominating the twins' life right now, but she can't escape the worried looks she gets from Niki in every mirror. When she sees Niki reflected in a vase, tiny Niki shakes her head in distress, and I half-expected to hear a little mini-voice saying: "No fair! Let me out, you big meanie!"

More thoughts and highlights — and spoilers — if you

  • Seeing as he has an important election coming up in two weeks, Nathan is willing to throw $100,000 at Claire's mother to keep her quiet about the whole baby-out-of-wedlock thing. His own mother's response? “You’re a glorified sperm donor; don’t get emotional.” She makes a good mother-of-the-politician.
  • Isn't it so nice for Matt Parkman that everyone's thoughts are always nice and complete? Pretty good grammar, too! It makes mind-reading much easier, huh?

  • Arriving in Las Vegas, Hiro imparts more of his wisdom on Ando: “More than anything, a hero must have hope.” They immediately meet a crying woman named Hope. Ando agrees to get her bag back from her mean old boyfriend, and Hope offers to help them find Linderman. Hiro and Ando sneak into the boyfriend's hotel room with the help of a room service cart; Ando locking Hiro outside and then getting trapped underneath the bed was like some kind of old timey comedy show.
  • Another hero on Mohinder's list, Zane Taylor, contacts Mohinder looking for help. But Sylar gets to Zane first and takes his powers. When Mohinder comes by looking for Zane, Sylar pretends to be him — Ramones t-shirt and all.
  • Claire wants to meet with her real dad, Nathan, hoping his money and power could help her adoptive mom, who is steadily going insane thanks to years of Haitian memory erasing. Claire's real mother (this is getting confusing) says not to expect much more than cash from Nathan because "he’ll just disappoint you.” Then, that fiery liar tells Claire her father wants to give them $50,000, half of which is Claire’s! She says she’s going to Mexico and probably won’t see Claire for a while. Question: Why is she still running away?
  • Mr. Malsky, who Parkman was hired to protect, stole the $2 million that D.L. meant for Linderman to get Jessica/Niki off the hook. So Jessica's all about killing Malsky. Too bad for her she thinks out her murderous plans in very clear, specific terms that Parkman "hears."
  • Niki comes out of the mirror! Man, that must feel good. So Jessica finds herself conversing with a twin version of herself - not just a reflection. Can Jessica/Niki actually be two different people, or did Parkman just hear Jessica talking to herself?
  • Hiro comes upon Hope talking on the phone, saying she got "two Chinese guys" to help her get the bag back. Then she says, “I love you too, Leo,” before hanging up. Angry Hiro says “You are bad person,” but it sounds a lot like “You are butt person.” Couldn’t have said it better myself, Hiro.
  • Nathan goes to give Claire's mother the money. He learns Claire's not there, and says, "I should be getting back to my family.” Ouch. Good thing Claire stuck around to hear that! When she throws a rock at Nathan's car, he actually seems sad.
  • Hope locks Hiro in a closet, and a man from the State Gaming Commission finds him. So Hiro does the Star Trek “V” with his hand, saying, “I come in peace.” Of course, after having George Takei on the show, they had to work in a Star Trek reference.
  • Jessica’s new target is Nathan Petrelli. Between she and Sylar, the heroes are in danger of extinction, just like the manatee.
  • Sylar asks Mohinder, “Are you familiar with Abraham Maslow, 'The Peak Experience?' The single moment that takes you out of yourself, makes you feel very tiny or very large. Makes you feel one with life, or nature, or God. Like seeing all the pieces of a puzzle fit together." Hopefully, this is foreshadowing for "Heroes" viewers?
  • The power that Sylar acquired when he killed Zane Taylor was the ability to liquefy metals. Sylar offers to help Mohinder reach the people on the List, and Mohinder readily agrees.
  • Finally, this whole whispering thing has got to stop. First it was “Save the cheerleader, save the world;” now it’s “Someone flies, someone dies!” I'm excited for next week's episode, though if the person who flies is Nathan (duh) and the one who dies is Mr. Muggles, I will swear off "Heroes"... for a whole six days!
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