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"Heroes" Recap: Episode 18, "Parasite"

"Heroes" Recap: Episode 18, "Parasite"

Can I just say "Heroes" is awesome? I felt a surge of affection for Tim Kring and the rest of the gang last night for delivering such a riveting and fast-paced episode. Hooray!

Claire and the Haitian are still on the run, and we learn quite a bit more about Candice, Thompson's new favorite cronie. Peter furrows his brow some more — this time because he's grieving for Simone — and the Niki vs. Jessica squabbling continues.

Pretty much anything else I can say is a spoiler, so if you dare,

So, Nathan has been helping the FBI get their hands on Linderman! Niki comes to Nathan's rescue, warning him about Jessica, and Nathan sets off to kill Linderman, played by Malcolm McDowell, who has that jolly-sinister thing down pat. He says that men may have lives of either happiness or meaning but never both. To be happy, a man must live in the present rather than obsess over the future.

As Nathan raises his gun — which would result in Nathan's demise as well, thanks to the 754 security people — Linderman reveals that he knows all about Nathan and "the others like him." He offers Nathan a secure political future, including presidency: "A life of meaning." Nathan lowers the gun.

Claire and the Haitian are fleeing the country with new identities, but whiny Claire's not happy about it. She snatches the Haitian's passport in the airport and strikes out to find Peter Petrelli. Um, it still seems like she has a thing for Peter, which is weird because he's her uncle, but anyway. She ends up at Grandma Petrelli's apartment and finds the Haitian there. So I was wrong last week: The person the Haitian reports to is not Linderman, but Claire's grandmother, Mrs. Petrelli!

Hiro finally makes it into Linderman's curator's room and delivers the ripped painting, which has been "repaired with Scotch tape." The curator conveniently leaves the room and Hiro immediately locates the sword. The curator calls security, but in a surprise rescue, Ando swoops in, and Hiro teleports them both out — only to find themselves way in the future, after the bomb has exploded in New York. Hiro looks around in dismay, saying, "I failed."

Simone is actually dead. Peter is sad. Isaac is sad. He returns to his junkie ways and paints his own death.

But hello, shape-shifter Candice! She is a real snot, huh? I think I hate her already. She turns into Simone so the police won't charge Isaac with her murder. Later, she takes the shape of Mrs. Bennet and tricks Mr. Bennet into revealing his intentions to stop the Company. Just then, of course, "Mrs. Bennet" warps back into the Candice and Thompson appears. Mr. B is busted.

Poor Mrs. Bennet! It seems that she actually knows what the Company does, but she has to pretend that everything's normal: "Don't worry, I know how to play dumb." Also, it's pretty darn cute that her ringtone is, I think, Mr. Muggles barking.

How high did I jump when I saw Mohinder stuck to the ceiling?! Also, Mohinder knew about Sylar! I knew Mohinder couldn't be as gullible as he seemed. He straps Sylar into a chair and shoots him in revenge for his father's murder, but Sylar stops the bullet, and the tables turn. When Peter comes by to speak to Mohinder, Sylar says, "You're like me, aren't you? I'd like to see how that works" before slicing into Peter's forehead!

Okay, now we have about six weeks to recover from this episode before the final batch of new episodes. What did you think of this week's "Heroes"?


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