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"Heroes" Recap: Episode 22, "Landslide"

"Heroes" Recap: Episode 22, "Landslide"

On this week's episode of "Heroes" (the second-to-last one of the season!), all the heroes' stories start to merge together in an extremely satisfying way. This show never fails to surprise me, yet it also gives me pretty much everything I want to see.

Mr. Bennet and Parkman go to retrieve "The Walker Tracking System," while DL and Jessica/Niki seek out Micah via Linderman. Nathan Petrelli is poised to win the election — with Micah's help. Meanwhile, Claire, Peter and Ted make an escape plan which goes awry thanks to — who else? — Sylar. Those are the least spoilery details, so if you haven't seen the episode do not read on. Otherwise,

  • One of my favorite parts: When Ted mocks Peter for basing his knowledge of the future on a painting and Peter retorts, "Yeah! That and a dream."
  • I love me some Micah. I am such a sucker for his little raised eyebrows and adultish manner of speaking. I couldn't believe it when mean old Linderman promised Micah's family enough money to live "happily ever after" if Micah messed with the polls. Evil! That Malcolm McDowell will do well in the next Halloween movie.
  • How awesome is George Takei/Hiro's dad?! I love that he's one of the "good guys" leftover from the alliance that included Linderman and Grandma Petrelli.
  • The look of absolute glee on Hiro's face when his dad swings the sword up near his neck is absolutely priceless. I love that guy.
  • I wonder what Candace's real shape is? I'm guessing from the dialogue that she's obese, like Jabba the Hut obese. Poor Micah has to deal with a shapeshifter. Then again, I guess he must be fairly used to it living with a half-violent dual personality mom.
  • Speaking of Jessica/Niki, why didn't she just kill Linderman when she had the chance? I can't understand that. Another favorite moment in the episode, though: When seeing Parkman again, Jessica says, "Did I throw you out a window?"
  • Oh, Ando, Ando, Ando.
  • Well, if Linderman's going to die somehow, a fist to the brain is a fine way to do it.
  • Hiro's dad, regarding Hiro's mad sword skills: "You've come far in a short time." Yeah, short like 20 minutes.
  • How badass is Mr. Bennet?
    Thompson: "What am I thinking now, Parkman?"
    Mr. Bennet: "Your last thought." Bang!
  • I hope they explain exactly what happened to Nathan and Peter's dad next week. I don't believe for a moment that he killed himself. I felt a surge of affection for Nathan when he growled, "My father was my hero."
  • Nice little bit of comedic relief: Mr. Bennet, DL, Jessica and Parkman riding the elevator with muzak playing dinkily. Cheesy elevator music stops for no heroes!

  • Didn't Peter absorb Nathan's flying power? Why can't he and Claire zoom away to Nebraska together? If they left at night from a rooftop nobody would notice.
  • Man, I love Mohinder-and-Molly. It just melts my heart. Two lonesome souls fighting evil together. I hope Mohinder adopts her.

Next week, Claire insists "the future is not set in stone!" We'll see about that, Claire Bear. What did you think of this week's episode of "Heroes"?

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