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"Heroes" Rundown Chapter 1: "Four Months Later"

"Heroes" Rundown Chapter 1: "Four Months Later"

"The sun rises on a new dawn."

"Heroes" is so back! This week's season two premiere brought us right back to the lives of Claire, Hiro, Mohinder, Parkman, the Petrelli family and many more old and new characters. If I have any complaint it's that they crammed a ton of storylines into one season premiere. It was getting a little crowded for my tastes. And we didn't even see some of the old familiars at all, like Sylar, Niki, DL or Micah.

If you missed the episode and want to catch up on everything that happened, you can watch the full episode on NBC's website. For some of my thoughts and to share your own in the comments (spoilers ahead), then

  • So many people and heroes! We've got the Claire and HRG (whose first name we now know, but he will be HRG here) story and now Claire's boy West. We've got the stuff going on with Angela Petrelli and Hiro's father, and then Molly with her two dads, Mohinder and Parkman. Then there's Hiro himself and his "hero," the not-so-Japanese Takezo Kensei, and now there's the swordsmith's daughter to deal with. Next up we have the Honduras siblings, Maya and Alejandro, with Maya possessing a kind of violent power she can't seem to control. And finally, we have the Irish thugs who find Peter Petrelli with a fetching new haircut, chained up and looking frantic. Whew!
  • Claire and HRG continue to love being father-daughter. This week's episode brought us the scene that was filming when these pictures were taken. Will Claire and HRG’s relationship ever lose that whiff of incestuous desire? I think not.
  • I was about to write that I think that Molly is probably the most darling child on television... until she went crazy on Parkman. Also there's this: What is it about creepy kid drawings that scare the living daylights out of me?
  • First use of the word "hero" of Season Two: at minute 10, when Hiro meets Takezo Kensei.
  • Anyone else notice that Ando and Nathan bump into each other on the street? Were there other brushes between heroes that I didn't catch?
  • Mr. Muggles is back!
  • Nathan looks like a lumberjack. And not the sexy kind.
  • I love seeing Ando and George Takei again. It’s like seeing old buddies after a long absence. What? Do I watch too much TV or something?
  • HRG’s boss at the copy place has a douchey mustache to go with his personality. Also, this made me laugh: "The paper business is dog eat dog."
  • God is mentioned more than usual in this week's episode: first from Maya who says "God would not have done this to me without a chance for salvation," and then a Japanese woman leaving her ravaged village says "Is there no God to protect us?"
  • When I saw that West could fly, I actually thought to myself, "I wish my boyfriend could fly."
  • This stuff seems important: Hiro's father, Kaito Nakamura, says to Angela that there are nine left in The Company. He states that they are all very powerful and any of them could be leaving the photos with the "Godsend" symbol over the faces. Then, when Katio is attacked, he says "Of all of them, I never expected it would be you." I'm dying to know who it is! And I'm refusing to believe that Kaito is gone for good.

What did you think of the Season Two premiere of "Heroes"?

Photos courtesy of NBC

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