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"Heroes" Rundown Chapter 2: "Lizards"

"Heroes" Rundown Chapter 2: "Lizards"

In this week's episode of "Heroes" we learned a bit more about Maya's powers, got more into the story of Takezo Kensei and inched a little closer to learning what the heck is up with Peter and his bare chest. Also, I'm thinking this West kid is a real creep — and an annoying one at that.

Most anything else I can say is a spoiler, though, so if you didn't see the episode, don't read on. But for some of my thoughts on the show and to share your own,

  • Mrs. Bennet tells Claire not to show off with her mad regenerating skills, but I love it when Claire does that. Along those same lines, I'm surprised Claire never thought to cut off a toe or something before, just to see what happened. And that part was disgusting/awesome.
  • It's super cool that Hiro is actually the heroic one in Kensei's clothing, but I was sort of hoping that the hero in the legends was really the princess this whole time.
  • So Maya has a super destructive power while her twin brother has a kind of healing power. Maya is like Radioactive Ted from last season — a hero whose powers are destructive and difficult (or impossible) to control.
  • Of course Peter has to be bare chested and doused with liquid. I also love how he can slip out of his rope restraints, heal immediately from his wounds and defeat all the bad guys threatening Caitlin, but he just can’t be bothered to button up that flannel shirt.
  • Again, a lot more talk of God this week: God is referenced around Maya and Alejandro several times, and there was the whole thing about the Haitian being sick with the virus and that being God's will.
  • Also: the Haitian! He's back! And he's back with HRG! While looking at the Haitian, HRG says that Mohinder has given him everything he needs to find the other seven paintings.
  • Man, that West is getting on my nerves. “You don’t have to hide everything interesting about you.” Well, maybe if you’d shut up for a second she could say something interesting about herself. He’s just nag nag nag, all the time.
  • Whoever — or whatever — attacked Angela in the police station has the power of invisibility or to teleport or to go through walls or something. One possibility is Claude, of course, but I'm not convinced it's him.
  • Speaking of Angela, she and Kaito Nakamura, huh? What kind of "company" was this, anyway?
  • My theory so far is that this person who wants revenge on Angela and who killed Kaito Nakamura is Angela's husband (Nathan and Peter's dad), who supposedly "killed himself."
  • Kensei can regenerate! When he sees this, Hiro says “Godsend."

What did you think of this week's "Heroes"?

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