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Heroes Rundown Chapter 8: "Four Months Later"

Heroes Rundown Chapter 8: "Four Months Later"

After reading Tim Kring's profuse apologies for the second season of Heroes, I absolutely couldn't wait to be redeemed by last night's episode. While this chapter was definitely one of the best of the second season, I have to admit that for me it came just a little bit too late. That said, we finally arrived at the moment we'd all been waiting for and found out what happened during the four months between last season's finale and this season's premiere.

The episode was jam-packed with new information so to get right into it (with lots of spoilers of course), just

  • A major theme of this episode was in the Heroes deciding if they really wanted their powers or wanted to keep them under control. Niki and Peter both flush their pills down the drain, but in the end Niki wants to be under control. D.L. also finally realizes what it's like to be recognized as an everyday hero, only to get killed like one. Somehow his death was even more depressing than many of Sylar's murders.
  • So we finally get a little taste for Angela Petrelli's power — she can convince people to do what she wants. Did anyone else get a little voodoo/witch vibe when she was creepily stroking Heidi's hair and face?
  • I was glad to see how the Wonder Twins first realized their powers (and Alejandro's new bride kinda deserved what she got), but I have to say that until Maya's death tears get less creepy or more more interesting, I'm still not loving these two.
  • So we never get actual confirmation that Elle is Bob's daughter, but that seemed fairly obvious, right? I hated the way she treated Peter like a toy but thought it was great when he turned the tables on her. She does get a few points for giving him a haircut though, that long floppy mop needed to go.
  • So Elle zapped Peter, forcing him to run around shirtless for another episode. Not that I'm complaining.

  • Every time I think the Haitian is one of the bad guys, he always turns around and proves me wrong. Also, I'm wondering how he ended up back in Haiti after setting Peter free. Plus, Elle refers to the power-controlling pills as "Haitian pills" but the Haitian ends up getting sick.
  • Watching Nathan all burnt to a crisp in the hospital room was absolutely heartbreaking. Is anyone else wondering if there's a connection between his alcoholism and the binge drinking Kensei we saw at the beginning of the season? I know that Nathan's life took a pretty bad turn after he lost Peter, but it still seems interesting that he suddenly took to drinking after getting Adam's blood.
  • So Adam has been alive for 400 years and hasn't changed a bit. Does this mean Claire will live forever too? And Peter, for that matter?
  • I can't believe I never considered the possibility of Niki having more personalities than Jessica before, and I'm wondering if Gina has any special powers beyond being a party girl and getting people killed.
  • So Peter is off to save the world again, but what will it entail? It seems a lot more complex this time around than just saving the cheerleader.
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