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Heroes Rundown Chapter 9: "Cautionary Tales"

Heroes Rundown Chapter 9: "Cautionary Tales"

I was all ready to write off another episode of Heroes as being kind of lame (enough with the West-Claire romance!) and then ker-pow! That ending was awesome. Also, it was a relief to just get to some of the meatier storylines instead of flitting around with the Wonder Twins. This episode left me feeling more satisfied with Heroes than I've been in a while.

To check out some of my thoughts on the episode and to share your own (spoilers ahead),

  • This show has so many daddy issues, you'd think it was created by J. J. Abrams. This episode in particular was just brimming with father-child angst and anguish, between Hiro and his father, HRG and Claire, Bob and Elle and Parkman and his dad. In other episodes we've had stories surrounding Mohinder's father, Peter and Nathan's dad, and the fact that Molly has not one but two dads. I love that Angela Petrelli even called them out on it this week: “Get over your daddy issues and leave us be!"
  • I hate to say this because I really liked Veronica Mars, but Kristen Bell is starting to get on my nerves on this show. Also, why is everything she says imbued with an intense sexuality?
  • West: Annoying character? Or most annoying character ever?
  • Molly is a little bit cuter when you can mentally influence what she does, eh Parkman?
  • Can we talk about the manly embrace HRG and West share while shuttling through the air for a moment? Mainly: wha...? So. Very. Awkward. And. Cheesy.
  • All that stuff with Hiro's father was genuinely moving. "I’ve never time traveled before. I’m proud of you, son.” Hiro's eulogy-that's-not-a-eulogy at the end kind of smacked off The Lion King though ("He lives in me! He lives in you!").
  • Bob was like the Michael Scott of Primatech Paper (regional sales manager).
  • I believe this is the first episode to have someone other than Mohinder speak the final voice over. I thought that was a neat touch with Hiro speaking in Japanese as we see all the other characters.
  • Angela Petrelli is tres reluctant to tell Parkman who the woman in the photo is. "All she wants is to be left alone. If you take this secret from me you’re not just like your father. You are him." Yikes!
  • Could anyone else tell it's Adam who attacks Hiro's father by the shape of his lips when Adam pauses in the doorway?
  • So, HRG and Bob trade blonde daughters and then — holy cow — Mohinder shoots HRG in the eye! I definitely thought the writers were going to just stick with that bold move and keep HRG dead (which, admittedly, made me seriously sad), but no — he regenerates, thanks to Claire's blood. The eye bubbling was a bit yucky but all in all, awesome ending.


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