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Hey "Lost" Fans: Michael is Coming Back!

Hey "Lost" Fans: Michael is Coming Back!

"Lost" fans hoping for more information about Michael's supposed departure from the island will finally get their chance. ABC Entertainment President Stephen McPherson announced this morning that Harold Perrineau, whose character we last saw sailing off with Walt on the Others' boat, having been given Ben's blessing (because, you know, he's one of "the good guys"), will be returning to the show. (The announcement was supposed to come at this week's Comic-Con in San Diego, but reporters at the TCA press tour badgered McPherson into spilling the news early.)

McPherson also said the crazy season finale opened up a whole new world of storytelling possibilities for "Lost," and he wouldn't reveal whether the show would be structured around flashbacks or flash-forwards when it returns in 2008.

I for one am stoked to know that Michael's coming back because that's at least one less thing that the writers neglected to wrap up. I want to know what following compass bearing 325 resulted in, as Ben instructed Michael to do. And as curious as I am about Michael's attempts to get rescued (did that come close to happening, ever? Or is the island in some kind of time-space loop thing, leading the boat back to the island no matter what?), I'm more interested in Walt's story. Why did he look so much older when we saw him in the Season 3 finale? And what did he mean when he told Locke that he "has work to do"?

It's not a ton of news, but it's enough to get "Lost" fans gabbing again, anyway. What do you think about all this?


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