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"Hidden Palms" Recap: Episode 103, "Party Hardy"

"Hidden Palms" Recap: Episode 103, "Party Hardy"

Let me get this out of the way — I love "Hidden Palms" but it is awful. Just bad. That being said, I'm completely hooked and kinda devastated that The CW is rushing through the rest of the episodes (and airing the finale on July 4th, WTF) because it's doing so poorly. Sadly, I think these 8 episodes may be all we ever see of our, okay my, beloved HP. Anyone else still watching?

Last night's episode of HP taught me one big lesson: the writers of this show want really really badly to be hip to the internet, but they're not. Like at all. Not only do they not know the difference between email and IM, but this quote from Nikki is just classic. I can't even really explain it, because it hurts my mindgrapes that an entire group of writers for a teen drama show know so little about their subject matter. Nikki, on finding out more about Eddie through his (obviously defunct) video blog:

"Go to his webpage to check out his buddy list!"

What does that even mean? IM/email/webpages are not all the same thing. Seriously, not one of the members of the cast/crew who were involved with this could help on that?!? Sooo annoying, and I can't imagine I'm the only person who noticed.

Sadly for The Little CW Teen Drama That Couldn't, last night's episode was the most boring yet. That being said, there were some great moments, and some fisticuffs! Plus, we finally learned who that pesky 08nova is!!! So to read the rest of my recap and see some more shots from the show just

  • Near the beginning (after some pointless stuff) Johnny confronts Greta about the Eddie situation and the creepy IMs. Greta says it's probably Cliff, who is a crazy prankster and then wanders find Cliff who she promptly tells to stop harassing Johnny or else she will reveal the truth. Cliff makes a comment about Johnny not wanting her if he ever actually found out the truth. She slaps him. Scandalous.
  • Blah blah blah, Cliff's mom's boyfriend who moved into their house is a jerk who likes to lie about being in the NFL and is probably cheating on Cliff's mom. At least it led to a moderately funny technology-related joke in which Cliff made mention that Tavis should "Google himself sometime."
  • Liza has a huge crush on Johnny and not very many friends. Duh.
  • That night, Johnny's mom and step dad go to a party and Johnny runs off to deal with Greta, leaving Nikki alone in the house. So what does she do when her friends show up to pick her up a night early? Throw a huge party. With booze. Gasp.
  • Meanwhile, in Johnny and Greta land, she's still being shady saying things like "a lot of stuff happened before you got here." Eventually in the episode, she kinda maybe breaks up with him. Yawn city.
  • Little Liza gets her nerve up and shows up at the party, which has spiraled out of control in the way only TV/Movie high school parties can. Awwww, so cute!
  • Johnny comes home, is pissed, gets in a fight with Cliff. Then his parents show up, get pissed, are all disappointed. Etc. Etc. Predictable
  • AND THEN, the only interesting part of this episode!!! Back at his computer, Johnny is ceremoniously deleting pics of Greta from his hard drive (and heart) when he gets an IM from 08nova. He looks up to see if Cliff is at the computer, which he is not. Johnny asks "Eddie" why he killed himself, to which he replies "I DIDN'T. I WAS MURDERED!" (Seriously, dude, no need to yell.) The shot then pans away to 08nova shutting his laptop and we see...its...LIZA! The quiet sciencey girl across the street who has been in the periphery the whole time. Duh duh duh. The plot thickens.
  • So what did you guys think? Predictable? Do you find Nikki's plot as boring as I do? Don't you think Cliff is too cute (and looking way better than he did as Zach on "The OC") to stay mad at? Anyone still watching?

    And what do you think happened with Greta/Cliff/Eddie?

    Photos courtesy of The CW

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