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The Highlight Reel 12/22: The Week's Best and Worst TV

The Highlight Reel 12/22: The Week's Best and Worst TV

Every Friday, we round up the week's best, funniest, strangest, and most embarrassing moments in television for your amusement.

  • If you missed the "Rock and Awe: Countdown to Guitarmageddon" challenge on Thursday's "Colbert Report," in which Stephen Colbert challenged Decemberists guitarist Chris Funk to a battle for the ages, you're in luck: Check out these video clips of the entire episode. A few can't-miss moments:
    • Colbert tears off his suit sleeves to make a slightly more rockin' vest.
    • Henry Kissinger (!) starts the contest with these words: "Stephen, it is time to rock."
    • Aging rocker Peter Frampton takes over for Colbert after he tragically "cuts" his hand.
    • The episode almost deserves an entire Highlight Reel of its own.

  • "Some of the things Borat said would probably have hurt me, too, if I wasn't so white and awesome." — comedian Doug Benson on VH1's "Best Year Ever" special
  • How many different ways can Penn Jillette say his new catchphrase, "Is that your identity?" A whole lot, if this week's "Identity" blitz was any indication.

    "Is that your i-DEN-tity?"
    "Is! That! Your! I! Den! Ti! Ty!"
    "Is THAT (pause, pause, pause) your identity?"

    I never thought I'd say it, but I almost miss "is that your final answer?"

You can see the rest of the highlights (and lowlights) if you

  • If the rendition of "O Holy Night" by New Orleans musicians on last week's "Studio 60" made you teary-eyed, now you can download it from the show's official site. Or listen here.
  • You'd think after 38 days on a remote island, even the weakest "Survivor" contestant could start a fire from scratch. But during Sunday's finale, two members of the top four couldn't quite get it done. After more than an hour without a spark — and with the eliminated contestants yawning in the jury box — host Jeff Probst announces: "Stop right where you're at. We're gonna go to matches." It's truly painful to watch:
  • Still chuckling over "Dick in a Box"? Now you can get the T-shirt.
  • "Identity" started to bore me by the end of the week, but Tuesday night's contestant, the extraordinarily excitable Robert Talon, kept me riveted for the whole hour. Maybe it was, oh I don't know, the way he kept leaping into Penn Jillette's arms!? You can watch Robert's entire episode online; for the serious leaping action, start at Part Four.
  • On Thursday night's episode of "The O.C." Julie complains to Spencer that his guys were running up high pizza bills. Spencer's response: "We're running a male prostitution ring, Julie. Pizza's the cost of business."
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