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18 Important Life Lessons You Learned From The Hills and Laguna Beach

Jul 2 2015 - 9:25am

It's hard to believe, but it's been almost 11 years since Laguna Beach, the MTV reality show that spawned The Hills and completely changed the world of reality television, first hit the small screen. While viewers may have initially been drawn to the shows for the beautiful castmates, luxurious locales, and never-ending drama, the real heart of them was the friendship between the female stars and all the life lessons they learned as they journeyed from high school into young adulthood. Keep reading to find out all the major life lessons we learned from watching the two shows, and don't forget to check out what the cast members of Laguna Beach and The Hills are up to now [1]!

Source: MTV [2]

Don't Wait Around For a Guy

Source: MTV [3]

What Happens in Cabo Stays in Cabo

Source: MTV [4]

Take Good Care of Your Car

Source: MTV [5]

It's Always a Fashion Show

Source: MTV [6]

If Your Best Friend Hates Your Boyfriend, That's Probably a Bad Sign

Source: MTV [7]

It's About Quality, Not Quantity, With Friends

Source: MTV [8]

Know How to Spot a Weirdo

Source: MTV [9]

Just Don't Date Jason Wahler — Like, Just Don't

Source: MTV [10]

Even the Cute Guys Can Be Nasty When They're Drunk

Source: MTV [11]

Don't Play Around With Friendships

Source: MTV [12]

Don't Date Pretty Boys

Source: MTV [13]

It's Hard to Find a Cute White Dress

Source: MTV [14]

Remember the First Rule of Being a Good Friend

Source: MTV [15]

Know the Importance of a Well-Executed Cry

Source: MTV [16]

Know How to Make a Memorable Exit

Source: MTV [17]

Don't Date Men Who Accessorize More Than You Do

Source: MTV [18]

Best Friends Are Best Friends For Life

Source: MTV [19]

And, Finally, Don't Be the Girl Who Didn't Go to Paris

Source: MTV [20]

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