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Horrible Bosses Audience Reviews

Film Forum: Did Horrible Bosses Tickle Your Funny Bone?

Summer is in full swing, which means the box office is booming. As we give you our two cents about each of the new movies, we want to give you all a turn to weigh in too. This weekend's biggest new release was Horrible Bosses, and we want to hear what you all thought of the film. Was Jennifer Aniston's sex-crazed dentist funnier than you had expected? Are you on board with Charlie Day as a movie star? Or do you think the film fell short amongst other 2011 comedies?

If Horrible Bosses didn't have you rushing to the theater, we still want to hear about any movie you saw. Perhaps you took some kids to see Zookeeper or caught Transformers: Dark of the Moon in its sophomore weekend? Tell us about the movie you saw this weekend in the comments.

Photos courtesy of Warner Bros. and Paramount

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