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House Recap: Episode 10, "It's a Wonderful Lie"

House Rundown: Episode 10, "It's a Wonderful Lie"

Merry Christmas, everybody! Any other holidays we should celebrate while we're at it? This week's House took us all the way back to late December for a Christmas-themed episode all about (what else?) deception and lies. Hey, I suppose I'd rather see Wilson wearing that ridiculous reindeer hat late than never see it at all. To chat about Tuesday's episode, just


This was House's first episode with his new team now that the competition's over. But the competition's never really over, is it? This week's secret Santa game, though, felt more like something House might have done with his old team than the ruthless tests we saw during the selection process. Nonetheless, it did freak out the team — first when they realized they'd have to buy gifts for House, later when they realized they all had to buy gifts for House and therefore would be judged against each other. I think House was curious to see what they thought he might want, but really, I think he's just a greedy jerk who wanted loot.

As for the team itself? I'm not getting a whole lot from them yet, and I'm still wondering how (if?) the show plans to integrate Cameron and Chase back in. Not to mention Foreman — he's technically in, and yet we hardly ever see him. And where's Cuddy? I'm glad the show blew up the old formula, but I eventually want all the pieces to settle, and right now it feels like there are three too many people on the show. I just worry that now that the contest is over, it's not clear what to do with these people; this felt a little like an old-school House episode, but with Taub, Kutner, and Thirteen instead of Foreman, Chase, and Cameron.

This week's patient was a mom (holla, Janel Moloney!) who became strangely and suddenly paralyzed and blind; House, of course, was sure she was lying about something. And she was: Her daughter, Jane, wasn't actually her biological daughter. That, though, ended up not having anything to do with her diagnosis, but House still seemed pleased with himself. I was pretty shocked when Jane told her mother she was going to die; that's pretty harsh coming from an 11-year-old, but it was the truth House had been after.

Some other thoughts:

  • House's clinic patient: prostitute, nativity scene participant, or both? My sense was that she was just playing Mary — it would give those comments about telling her mom what she doe the ironic edge that House loves so much.
  • There wasn't a ton of House-Wilson interaction in this episode, but nearly every line of it was a gem. I especially liked Wilson walking nowhere with House just to drive him crazy and this little exchange: "What happens when they find out?" "It's secret Santa." "What happens when they find out?"
  • Seriously, how much did Jennifer Morrison make just to show up and stand in the hotel lobby at the end? Jesse Spencer, at least, had to pretend to drill bone.
  • I love the shocked and disgusted looks on Thirteen's and Taub's faces when Kutner whipped out his secret Santa gift.
  • House has done a lot of gross things in his day, but squirting the tumor-milk in the poor girl's mouth was truly nasty.

Your thoughts? Is the new team working for you? Are you psyched for the South Pole?

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