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House Recap: Episode 12, "Don't Ever Change"

House Rundown: Episode 12, "Don't Ever Change"

First off, a bit of business. If you missed the Super Bowl episode and haven't already found it elsewhere, Fox will be replaying the episode Friday at 9 p.m. Go set that TiVo.

On to this episode, which might serve as our season finale depending on the writers' strike. It's somehow appropriate that it and last season's finale both were all about change. This time, House suspected that his patient made a radical change in her life — converting to Hasidic Judiasm — because there was something psychologically wrong with her. Meanwhile, he also starts to wonder if there's something psychologically wrong with either Wilson or Amber. To talk more about the episode, just


Why would Wilson date Amber? It does seem outside the bounds of Wilson's usual relationships — though if they really did start dating right after House fired her, she would have been at least a little closer to Wilson's damsel in distress. And maybe getting fired from House's team really was a force that caused her to change. She even looked different in this episode — I never realized how pretty she was because her appearance throughout the competition was so severe. House offered her a job if she solved the case, and she offered one wrong diagnosis and then left without it becoming an all-consuming part of her life. I loved House's long glance from Amber to the words "altered sense of reality" on his whiteboard when she said some things were more important than a fellowship. That was not our same Cutthroat B*tch.

Could she be lying? Sure. She could realize that dating Wilson is a way to stay in House's orbit, and the snippets we saw of her personal life did have a lot of the old cutthroat-b*tchiness in them (causing a fuss about the wait at the restaurant, etc.). Plus, Wilson is such a puppy dog; there might be some truth to House's plea to Cuddy that "he's combined two of his worst qualities: his love for me, his love for need." I'm inclined to believe that she has changed, but then again, this is House, where "everybody lies" is practically a commandment.

Meanwhile, I liked the way the "opposites day" metaphor extended to the patient as well: She got cold when she was supposed to sweat, she passed out when her heart should have been racing. I couldn't tell what exactly sparked House to figure out he had to make his diagnosis backwards, too — that he needed to look for the absence of something (in this case, a kidney) rather than the presence of it — but it was a good reveal. I was also pretty impressed with the patient herself; being a religious person around a skeptic like House isn't easy.

Some other thoughts:

  • Apparently, Kutner's personality quirks are going to be 1) that he's a geek, and 2) that he makes crazy metaphors. He got some good Star Wars and Planet of the Apes references in this time.
  • Loved this exchange: "And I call you Greg because we are now social equals." "And I speak in Latin because I don't try to hide what an ass I am."
  • And this one: "People who have a problem with boxes are people who don't fit in them." "You've been working for House for a long time."
  • I feel like now that they've had a patient with lupus, they can never use the lupus diagnosis again.

Your thoughts? And since we might not be back for a while, what have you thought about this season of House overall?

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