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House Recap: Season Five, Episode Five, "Lucky Thirteen"

House Rundown: Episode Five, "Lucky Thirteen"

Thirteen hasn't been my favorite House character. In fact, to this day, I would have picked Amber over her for the final fellowship spot. The prospect of an entire Thirteen-focused episode of House, then, did not exactly thrill me — but the episode turned out to be a nice surprise. I'm fascinated by the fact that Thirteen's essentially living with a death sentence, and this episode's case drills a little deeper into her psyche. Want to talk about it? Just


As you may have noticed from those vaguely porny promos, Thirteen's been dealing with her Huntington's diagnosis (and the recent news that she has even less time than she thought) by partying hard and sleeping with random women. And apparently, she's good at covering her tracks, because nobody at PPH had a clue until she shows up in the ER with one of her one-night stands, who had a seizure after their romp between the sheets. (House: "Penthouse forum meets medical mystery? Maybe there really is a God.") Turns out she's kind of a crazy stalker who followed Thirteen to get to House — but she has a point that only House can figure out what's wrong with her. And his diagnosis is dire: She has a rare lung condition and only 10 years to live.

That's a feeling Thirteen can relate to, given that she's dealing with it herself. She and her patient/hookup actually have some sweet bonding moments — which almost certainly would have been inappropriate had House not fired Thirteen earlier in the episode — but it all comes to a close when they discover the original diagnosis was wrong and her patient isn't dying after all. I was surprised by how invested I felt in this story, and by how happy I was when Thirteen (briefly) feels like someone gets what she's going through. Knowing you're going to lose control in a matter of years must be terrifying; I don't know how someone would deal with it without going into a self-destructive spiral. And sure enough, at the end of the episode, Thirteen's in yet another random hotel room with yet another random woman, desperately trying to feel alive.

Meanwhile, the PI is back as House and Wilson get up to their old tricks, baiting each other with silly traps all for the sake of House learning where Wilson was one morning. This story involves a faux prostitute girlfriend, stashed hypodermic needles, and a majorly significant doughnut, and it reminded me of just how much I miss the House/Wilson bromance when it's gone. That story ends with a pretty big bombshell: Cuddy's adopting a baby. I loved House's response: He says, "If you're happy, I'm — " and then turns and walks away before finishing the sentence.

Some other thoughts:

  • In other news, Foreman's just figured out that he's boring. Welcome to my world, Foreman.
  • I think "like Thirteen" could become House's "That's what she said."
  • Awesome insight about Wilson's character: He'd be a lot better at a carjacking video game "if he didn't stop at all the red lights."
  • If the patient had been to so many doctors, why did she never mention her lack of tears as a symptom?
  • While House's firing of Thirteen seemed especially random and probably deserved to be revoked, I think I like it better when his sudden firings stick.

Did this episode change your feelings about Thirteen at all? What do you make of Cuddy adopting? And could House, Wilson, and Lucas maybe go on a date together?

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