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How Bionic are You?

Apparently, I would not be a very good candidate for obtaining bionic body parts and saving the world. I've already spent more time than I should probably admit taking the Bionic Aptitude Test NBC has set up to promote its fall series "Bionic Woman." (Side note: How cool is the URL Seriously.)

Anyway, lest you think that being bionic is easy, I should warn you that these tests are tough. Five short games make up the overall test, and my scores on them ranged from pretty good to completely helpless. The one testing reaction time and hand-eye coordination was my forte, as was the one where you have to memorize a key sequence and type it back (I guess the endless rounds of Simon I played as a kid have paid off). The one that tested how well I processed details in a series of photographs was OK, too. But the other two tests were a bit more disastrous; one involved doing a lot of math quickly (it's only addition and subtraction; I'm just that bad at math), and the other involved typing words using a baffling, non-standard keyboard layout.

In the end, I finished my first round at 49 percent bionic. After several more tries, I've finally edged over 50 percent. But I think it's probably best for everyone if I remain a mere mortal.


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