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How Would You Cast My Sister's Keeper?

How Would You Cast My Sister's Keeper?

I finally got to reading (and finishing) the Jodi Picoult book so many of you love: My Sister's Keeper. I was curious to find out why you all were outraged over the news that Cameron Diaz was cast as the mother in the story, and now that I've read the book, I fully understand. She's all wrong for that part! Not only does she seem too young to have children in their late teens, but there's nothing motherly about her... at all.

This got me thinking about how I'd cast a movie version of this book, and it's a hard task. The family in the story is so not-Hollywood, so casting the glitzy stars of today (Diaz included) seems all wrong. How would you cast My Sister's Keeper if you were in charge?

This isn't like my weekly recast challenges — I'm not going to select a cast list and put together a photo collage. I'm simply curious to hear your ideas. So tell me what you think. To see who I might cast,

Sara Fitzgerald (Anna's mother) — Laura Linney or Toni Collette
Brian (Anna's father) — Enrico Colantoni ("Veronica Mars")
Anna — Saoirse Ronan
Kate (Anna's ill sister) — Cheyenne Hill
Jesse (Anna's older brother) — Chris Lowell
Campbell (the lawyer) — Jon Hamm ("Mad Men")
Julia (the guardian ad litem) — Zuleikha Robinson (from The Namesake, I don't know why, but she kept popping in my head as Julia the whole time I was reading this novel)

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