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The Hunger Games Trailer Fan Reaction

Buzz Blabber: Hunger Games Teaser Disappoints

A lot of famous musicians took to the MTV VMA stage this week, but it was the teaser trailer for The Hunger Games that aired during the show that got you guys talking. You guys also had a lot to say about the legion of mini me Britney Spears dancers that participated in the Vanguard award tribute to the pop star, as well as the latest episode of True Blood, which ran during the same night as the VMAs. Check out what readers had to say about about each topic.

The Hunger Games teaser trailer left you hungry for more

  • "I feel like this teaser accomplished what the pictorial in Entertainment Weekly with her in costume meant to. I believe her as Katniss now, but I wanted more from a teaser trailer. Have you SEEN what Chris Nolan did with the most recent Batman teaser? So much crammed into those few seconds without giving anything away!" — yeokr
  • "Good teaser, but like everyone else, I wish it had been longer or had more content. Maybe there could have been other character voiceovers instead of just Gale's to increase the intensity of the situation." — larisa5656
  • "Jennifer is definitely growing on me as Katniss. But yeah, this teaser was exactly that, a teaser. Really didn't give any of us anything to go on other than footage of trees and a person running through the forest." — alyssaaa

Find out what else got you talking when you


The VMA Britney Spears tribute rocked

  • "That was awesome. I loved the Britney impersonators. It just goes to remind you of all of Britney's memorable moments. She's really a VMA staple — and she's not even 30!" —genesisrocks
  • "I loved it! The remixes are great, the costumes are nice memories, loved the dancing." — French Kiss
  • "Wow, weird but cool!" — littlemunchkin

True Blood fans weigh in on who Sookie will choose

  • "I for one enjoyed Eric and Sookie's little tête-à-tête on the couch. I don't think she'll be with either of them at the end of the season and am looking forward to seeing how that relationship progresses next season. Lots of angst I am sure." — Bethany0403
  • "I have enjoyed the nice soft side of Eric and totally understand Sookie's attraction, but I have a strong feeling that relationship will end. I think she will not be with either of them but still fighting the temptation of both since she is connected to both of them through the exchange of blood. I feel like Alcide and Sookie's broken hearts will get it on." — care0531
  • "I was so happy to have my old Eric back. While I loved his venerable side, I love my bad ass best. Am I the only one on the planet who can recognize the fact that Alcide is simply muscle in a robotic body who is a mediocre character at best? Was not sorry to see Tommy go. He would never have gotten over the fact that he killed his mother. Russell will be back next season at the latest, I want Steve Newlin back; he was such a hoot. Of course Sookie will, in the end, choose Bill. She can't handle a healthy relationship, and while Alan Ball keeps harping surprises at us he is totally predictable where Sookie and Bill are concerned." — asfandancer

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