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Interview with Amy Brenneman about Private Practice Season Finale

Amy Brenneman Says Violet's Baby Is in Danger Tonight

In general, babies don't have the easiest time at Private Practice's Oceanside Wellness. So will Violet's baby survive tonight's season finale? My recent chat with Amy Brenneman confirmed there's some merit to the question.

It's been rumored that Violet's mentally unstable patient, Katie, will return tonight, blaming Violet for her own unsuccessful pregnancy and seeking revenge. Meanwhile, we still don't know if Pete or Sheldon is the father — nor do we know if Violet will accept Sheldon's marriage proposal. Lots of questions for just one hour!

I asked Brenneman what the heck Violet sees in Sheldon, why Violet lacks female friends, and lots more. Here are highlights:

Let's start with the big proposal. I feel lukewarm on Sheldon. What does Violet see in him?
Sheldon really understands her, and I kind of like that storyline in that last episode of them working on a case together. Because I do think that for as kind of sloppy and messy as Violet is, she still has a really inquisitive mind about psychology — both hers and other people's — so I think there's something really comforting to her about Sheldon's familiarity with that subject too. I think he adores her, and I think Violet knows that. What [creator] Shonda Rhimes basically said to me was — and you know this is a little black and white — but that Sheldon is the safe guy in that he has been very steady with his affection and she knows he'll probably never go away. Pete, even though [Violet's] known him longer, the idea is that [she's] seen him through bad behavior so . . . can she really trust in Pete?

Do you personally have a preference for which guy Violet chooses, if any?
You know, not really. I mean, I love both these men. Brian Benben [Sheldon] makes me laugh all day long. And I think with Tim [Daly] — you know what's so brilliant about Shonda putting me and him together is because I worked with his sister [Tyne Daly] for 10 years . . . he's very familiar to me. At first it was like "Ew! It's going to be like kissing my brother!" He's gorgeous and he's great, but yeah, Shonda's like, "Well, yeah, that's kind of what I want to explore with Violet and Pete," because they've known each other a long time and then it turns into a sexual relationship, and what is that like? Then, you know, for Violet, too, there's the whole Coop factor. . . . Still at this point in her life the real day-to-day guy to see is Cooper.

To hear about Violet's friendships and what's happening with her baby, just


Do you ever wish Violet had more girlfriends?
Yeah! I do. I do. Sometimes I don't know if certain things are deliberate or if we don't have time to tell every story that we'd like to tell, because that's something we explored a little bit at the very beginning of the season with my friendship with Naomi. Because during the very first season . . . I kept saying to Shonda, "Wait a minute. You know, Naomi might be happy that Addison's there because she's great and adorable, but Violet's world is kind of rocked." Addison comes to town and because she has the older relationship with Naomi, Violet just kind of gets tossed aside. But I think that it's interesting with [Violet's] history, you know the fact that she was raped in the past. In one way, I think these men really protect her and really love her, and that's a safe place for her.

Will she and Charlotte get closer?
Well, I think that's a situational thing. I mean, they're literally sort of on the same couch together, you know? But I think that Charlotte is trying to be generous. I don't know. I have no idea what's planned. I find it really hard to believe. Charlotte's just so weird! I mean, even watching her behavior with Cooper . . . they get close and she's just such a little nervous thing. I think there's genuine love that we both have for Cooper.

Is Violet annoyed that Coop and Charlotte have so much sex around her while she's pregnant?
Totally! Oh, totally. No, I think everyone's annoyed, and Cooper's trying to be the good guy. I mean, I think that's something that Shonda writes about a lot: How do sexuality and intimacy go together? How do intimacy and fantasy go together?

Babies on Private Practice don't fare too well. Is Violet's baby in danger?
Violet's baby is in a little bit of danger. I know that's what Tim Daly always says — he's always like, "Wow! We're not a very good practice. We lose patients!" He always says to me, "Violet's not a very good therapist!" But yes, that is a good observation, and, um, all I know is what you guys are going to see [tonight] but . . . yes, the baby's in danger.

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