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Interview with Eliminated So You Think You Can Dance Contestants Jason Glover and Janette Manrara

SYTYCD: Farewell from Janette and Jason

This week's So You Think You Can Dance elimination might have been the season's most shocking, as Jason and Janette were sent home as the field was cut from eight to six. Today, the two dancers talked with reporters about heading home on the day the show celebrated its 100th episode and what's next for them. Read on for highlights:

  • Jason, on dancing after Melissa and Ade's moving breast cancer routine: "It stole the night. It overshadowed all the other pieces, and it was absolutely amazing. It kind of threw everyone for a loop, because I don't think people were expecting to see something that amazing. . . . [Kayla and I] were standing backstage, and we were like, 'Oh, crap, we have to follow that up? Awesome. They're doing a piece about breast cancer, and now we're doing a piece about death.' But we just went out and had fun with it."
  • Janette, on the choreographers who inspired her: "I really, really enjoyed working with Sonya [Tayeh]. She has a lot of positive energy, she pushes you to your limits but in a positive way, and she's always by your side, always trying to get the best out of you. And then there's Wade Robson — he was just amazing to work with as well. Such a creative genius — he has such quirky and cool and creative ideas. And then Mia Michaels is just awe-inspiring to be standing next to because she's done so much for the dance community."
  • Jason, on preparing his solos and having Nigel call one of his the best: "It did stink being in the bottom as many times as I was, but I think that just proved how much I wanted to stay, fighting every week to stay in the competition. . . . [Having Nigel say I'd done the best solo on SYTYCD] was — wow. I didn't expect to hear that at all. From week to week, you don't know [if you're safe], so you kind of have to be prepared every week."
  • Janette, on her biggest competition: "I think all the girls this season were really, really good. They were all very talented in different ways. . . . I have heard a lot of people were always saying it would end up being between Jeanine, Kayla, and myself, but Melissa was a huge competition because she was so talented and so genuine and so very real, and I think her personality comes out great on camera. Randi was a great person to be around and definitely a powerhouse dancer."

To find out which routines Janette wants to do on tour and how Jason really feels about the choose-your-dance-style hat, just


  • Janette, on the styles that she struggled to learn: "I know it comes off like everything was easy peasy for me, but there were definitely a few [styles] that were really difficult. Sonya's piece, jazz, was a stamina-builder. The disco was definitely a stamina-builder — lifts and jumps and dancing one right after the other. And tango — tango was a mind game."
  • Jason, on the magical hat that holds all the dance styles: "You got to cross your fingers and hope that you're picking something that suits you out of the hat. I think at this point, we all hate the hat."
  • Janette, on being a dancer with a desk job: "You should have seen me at the office — all my friends laughed at me. I played music all day, and I was at my desk moving around. I really got into dancing a little too late, unfortunately. I realized how much I loved it when I was 19. I had already started working at the bank, I already had a full-time job, and it was very difficult to make that transition. I had to quit my job and leave that and leave everything I had known to come and be on the show. It was a major risk, but I think it was a risk worth taking."
  • Jason, on his dream job in dance: "Just as long as I'm dancing, that's the only thing that's important to me. Later down the road, I'd like to get into choreography — maybe, hopefully, the show might bring me back and have me [choreograph] a duet. That would be amazing. You never know — me and Janette were talking about maybe choreographing together!"
  • Janette, on what routine she'd love to take on tour: "[Brandon and I] both really want the tango and the cha cha to make tour. The cha cha just because it was just so much fun. We had so much fun in that dance and that song is just an uplifting, happy song. And the tango because we were just so proud of getting a standing ovation — Nigel said that night that it was the closest he'd seen to perfection on that stage, and with comments like that, how could you not want to dance it again?"

Photos courtesy of Fox

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jhilly123 jhilly123 7 years
The only reason why I started watching this show was because I was flipping through channels and saw Janette and Brandon dancing together. I watched for the past couple of weeks, and can't believe Janette got voted off! She was the best and my favorite to win; how terrible was it that on the 100th episode, someone Nigel thought was going to win got voted off. Well, now I'm back to not being interested in reality shows.
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