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50 Reasons You Can't Stop Crushing on Nick Miller

Sep 20 2016 - 1:00pm

Season six of New Girl [1] begins Tuesday night, and we're taking a look at all the reasons why Jake Johson's character, Nick Miller, is so lovable. Sure, Nick and Jess's cutest moments [2] definitely have something to do with his hotness factor, but it's his goofy, hilarious personality and surprisingly sweet lines that keep us swooning episode after episode, even as a single dude. Take a look at why you can't help but love Nick.

He Knows How to Get His Way

He's Sarcastic 99 Percent of the Time

He's Really, Really Mature

He Follows a Relatable Diet Plan

He Makes Swoon-Worthy Eye Contact

He Asks the Hard Questions

He Makes Silly Seem Sexy(ish)

He Has the Sweetest Surprise Face

He Knows a Thing or Two About Nature

He Feels All the Feelings

He Knows What's Up

He Gives Sweet Looks Like This

He Isn't Afraid to Get Real

He Knows What's Holding Him Back

He Understands That Life Is an Emotional Roller Coaster

He Suddenly Drops Crazy-Cute Lines

He's Proud of His Successes

He Thinks Ahead

He Can Be a Man's Man

He Reacts Perfectly to Meeting Prince

He Brings the Tough Love

He's Totally, Adorably Backwards

He Does a Mean Side-Eye

He's Super Self-Aware

He Isn't Afraid to Admit His Mistakes

He Looks Cute When He's Mad

He Speaks His Mind

He Can Wear a Flower Like a Pro

He Drops '80s Pop Culture References

He Has a Hot Stare

He Expresses His Feelings

He Lives in the Moment

He Has Absolutely No Filter

He Has Some Fierce Dance Moves

He Has a "You Do You" Attitude

He Flaunts What He's Got

He Has the Funniest Facial Expressions

He's Confident in His Beliefs, True or Not

He Appreciates Jumping Pictures

He Gets Straight to the Point

He Shares Your Fear of Clowns

He Knows When to Say No

He Embraces His Feminine Side

He Gives Shirtless Smirks Like This

He Moonwalks Away When Necessary

REPEAT: He Moonwalks Away, and It's Awesome

He Kisses Like This

And This

Best of All, He Doesn't Even Realize How Weird He Is

And It's the Weirdness That Makes Him So Lovable

Nick Miller 4ever

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