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Jake Johnson New Girl Sundance Interview (Video)

Jake Johnson on New Girl's Future and Why "Alcohol Helps" Him Watch Himself on Screen

On New Girl, Jake Johnson plays Nick, the likable but sometimes grumpy roommate of Jess (Zooey Deschanel). Jake stopped by Sundance for his film Safety Not Guaranteed, and we grabbed a minute with him to chat about his time at the festival and what's in store on the Fox show. Keep watching to find out why he says Nick's relationship with Jess is about to get weird, and why Nick is going through his "crazy" period.

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seems very solid and grumpy and then when he opens up your like, "This dude is weird man!" fun experience because you get to experience the movie that you did. But it's also a terrible experience, you know. Alcohol help. What's it like being an actor at Sundance? It's really fun. It's really fun having a movie here because the audiences here love movies so You'll never have an audience as good as you'll have here. And so every laugh, every joke is a huge laugh. The end, we got a big applause. that doesn't really happen in like a theater in like Omaha, you know people will like the movie, but here people love movies. And so as an actor, you make these independent movies so that you can come here and showcase them and see if they have wings to it. Safety not guaranteed, I got involved because I know the director Colin Trevorrow. And I read the script early on and I knew Aubrey was attached. I'm a big fan of hers. And I thought Jeff was a great character and I think the movie's awesome. For people who haven't seen because obviously it hasn't come out yet. Tell us a little bit more about what the movie's about. The movie's about time travel, and it's about a guy who believes he can time travel. and the cynics around him who makes fun of him. It's about a guy who as a kid was teased a lot and ridiculed, and has come up with this grand plan of redemption, and people kinda kicking him in the face for it. And I'm one of the guys kicking him in the face. You like watching yourself in movies? It depends on the movie and the performance. It's a fun ex experience because you get to experience the movie that you did, but it also a terrible experience. You know, alcohol helps. So now let's talk about new girl a little bit, what's coming up that you're excited about on that? There's an episode coming up that's a really heavy Zooey-Lizzy Caplan episode where they kind of battle each other about the different type of females there and I thought that script was really special and I thought watching them on set was really good. And then there's an episode coming out later in the year Oh there is an episode coming up called Landlord that is really fun where Jeff Cobert who is a songs of anarchy type of actor plays our land lord Reym and He, myself and Zooey's character Jess get involved in a very weird potential 3-way type weirdness and it's really fun and funny. He's just not gonna be happy until like Nick and Jess finally get together. I honestly think that's part of it. But I think in episodes coming up Nick starts coming more and more out of his shell. The writers are bringing him out and it's really fun because when that dude comes out of his shell, weird things happen, and so what I like about Nick is he seems very solid and grumpy, and then when he opens up, you're like, "This dude is weird, man!" I think he's going through depression, I think he's going through a nervous breakdown, and I think when he puts all the pieces back together, he's gonna be like a really good man and really solid. But this is the, you know everyone goes through a period of their life where are like, man I was crazy in my early 20's. I think this is his, I was crazy. It's a little delayed. It's a little delayed. You know, I think he had it together in his 20's. and now in his late 20's, early 30's, it's all falling apart. You're also in 21 Jumpstreet? Yeah. So, what was it like shooting with guys like, Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill? It was awesome. I've worked with Jonah a bunch before and he's one of my favorite guys to work with and hang with him because really it's funny as it comes. And I was really surprised how awesome Channing Tatum is not to say, not to say that I didn't think he was gonna be, but I didn't know him. But that guys really funny and cool and You know, a lot of actors, you do a movie, and as soon as you wrap, especially if you're as big as Channing is, you don't see each other, and it's fine. Like, it's not rude. Channing would have parties in his trailer the first day I got there, like, in his trailer. He was like, "Come hang out." He's got a group of guys who are a really fun. He's an awesome guy and he's super talented. He's really down to earth. He is, he's just cool. And I think this movie, he and Jonah are just gonna light it up. They were so funny on set. I don't have a huge part in it, I play the principal. Okay. but I was there for a while, because I'm in the background for a few things so I got to see a lot. They're really funny, I think Rob Riggle is gonna tear it up. Riggle is really one of the best dudes

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asampat asampat 4 years
Really hoping him and Jess get together on New Girl! :)
Shannon-Vestal Shannon-Vestal 4 years
He's my favorite on New Girl!
jaan_black jaan_black 4 years
there is something I like about him and I can't put my finger on it...he's not my type but I'd probably hit that
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i love him on new girl ! love his voice
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