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Jason Castro Eliminated from American Idol

American Idol Elimination: The Top Three Revealed

American Idol cut its field to three on Wednesday, meaning one of the singers we've come to know and love – or, well, at least know — has reached the end of the competition. Which of the singers above bid Idol a fond farewell? To find out and talk about it, just


Well, after a few lackluster weeks, and a night of forgotten lyrics, Jason Castro was dunzo on Wednesday — and it was probably no surprise. He'd said in an interview a week ago that he was ready to go home, and that seemed obvious in everything he did. I'm glad his fans sort of let him go, rather than voting in double the numbers they did on Tuesday; it seemed like the merciful thing to do. He didn't seem the least bit shocked, or even sad, which I think means it was the right call.

Idol basically removed any potential drama the night could have had by sending the two Davids to safety immediately. Yawn. Seacrest faking that he was going to reveal the winner at the 25-minute mark seemed exceptionally cruel this time around.

Some other thoughts on Wednesday's show:

  • Jason's video montage reminded me that we didn't see him at all during the auditions. Considering the lack of early exposure, it's pretty amazing that he got this far.
  • "Reeling in the Years"? Yeah, that's a way to show that this crop of Idol contestants can sell records in the modern climate. Yeesh.
  • Who made a more ridiculous bullfighter: Syesha or David Archuleta?
  • Tuesday's Idol performance show had astoundingly low ratings by the show's normal standards, and yet it was the highest vote total of the season — 21 million viewers vs. 51 million votes.
  • Archuleta has had nothing to overcome. Shocking! Also, maybe all the stoner comments would stop if Jason Castro would stop asking like such an obvious stoner. (That said, his "someone told me I shot the tambourine man" line was pretty good.)
  • The final four arriving in Vegas = the Beatles arriving in America? I . . . don't think so.
  • I'm not a big Maroon 5 fan, but Adam Levine kind of won me over with his personality. Didn't see that coming.

What did you think? Was it good to see Bo back again? Was Jason the right pick to go home? And is there any way Syesha can make the finale over one of the Davids?

Photos courtesy of Fox

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