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Jason Segel to Make Muppet Movie

This is some of the most endearing movie news I've heard in a long time: Jason Segel (star of Freaks and Geeks, How I Met Your Mother and the upcoming comedy Forgetting Sarah Marshall) will collaborate with director Nick Stoller on a new Muppets movie. Here's the cute part, though: He got the idea from his Forgetting Sarah Marshall character. Variety has more:

In Sarah Marshall Segel's character writes a Dracula musical performed by puppets. Those cloth creatures were custom-made by the Henson puppeteers, and the experience emboldened Segel to pitch his concept for a Muppets movie when he was invited in for a general meeting with exec Kristin Burr. Segel got a deal in the room and enlisted Stoller to co-write and direct the project.

I just love the idea of Segel being struck with the inspiration to do a Muppets movie while working with puppets, it makes me think that he could sense Jim Henson's spirit. Or something. In other Muppet news, did you know that there is a MuppetWiki? It's true!

Are you excited to see the Muppets on the big screen again?

Segel photo courtesy of CBS

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