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Javier Bardem Makes Me Interested to See Eat, Pray, Love

I'll admit I wasn't totally on board for the film adaptation of Eat, Pray, Love when it was announced that Julia Roberts would play the lead role, memoir writer Elizabeth Gilbert. I like Roberts, but this seemed like some odd casting. Gradually, however, I've been warming to the project, as director Ryan Murphy (creator of Popular and Nip/Tuck, director of Running With Scissors) signed on, and Richard Jenkins was cast. Now that Javier Bardem is in talks to join the project, I'm full-on interested.

Bardem would play "Felipe, the man Gilbert meets and falls in love with on the final leg of a journey of self-discovery that began with the end of her marriage." In my opinion, Javier Bardem is sex on legs. I will watch pretty much anything he's in, and I look forward to seeing how he and Roberts play off one another. What do you think?

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