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29 Times Jennifer Lawrence Was a Badass on the Big Screen

Aug 15 2014 - 1:45pm

Jennifer Lawrence [1], aka the best friend you really wish you had, celebrates a birthday this week, so we're celebrating her. Not only is she a real life badass [2], but she's also a badass on screen. The Oscar winner has made a name for herself by portraying strong females who can kick butt and intimidate the crap out of you with just a look or a comment. To show you all the reasons why we fell in love with this tough girl on screen, we present you with Jennifer Lawrence's most badass movie moments in GIFs.

Source: Sony [3]

When She Shows Off Her Early Badassery in Winter's Bone

Source: Roadside Attractions [4]

When She Displays the Art of Talkin' Tough

Source: Roadside Attractions [5]

Really Talkin' Tough

Source: Roadside Attractions [6]

When She Goes Full Blue in X-Men: First Class

When She Totally Embraces Being a Mutant

When She Makes Being Mutant Sexy Too

When She Makest the Bravest, Most Memorable Sacrifice in The Hunger Games

When She Reluctantly Shows Off her Skills

And When She Wholeheartedly Sasses the Judges

When She Salutes Rue's District

When She Enlightens Us About Insults in House at the End of the Street

Source: Relativity Media [7]

When She's Standing Up For Herself

Source: Relativity Media [8]

When She Calls Out Bradley Cooper, Hard, in Silver Linings Playbook

And When She Shows Off the Greatest Moves

And When She Does This

When She Kills It With the Bow Yet Again in Catching Fire

When She Twirls Into the Mockingjay

When She Bravely Takes in the New Arena

And Then Dives Right In

When She Does This Strut in American Hustle

When She Uses Her Sex Appeal to Manipulate

And When She Unabashedly Praises Herself

When She Shows Off the Best Dance Rocking Rubber Gloves

And Gives Us This Big Finish

When She Turns Back into Mystique in X-Men: Days of Future Past

When She Just Dominates

When She Does This Crazy Leg Move

And Cartwheels Into This Stance

When She Declares Her Willingness to Lead in Mockingjay

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