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Jibbs' Street Sixteen Celebration

Jibbs' Street Sixteen Celebration

Most people are lucky even to have a band play at their Sweet Sixteen bash. But what if, by age 16, you're already a successful recording artist? Such is the case with Jibbs, the teen hip-hop phenom from St. Louis. I had the pleasure of talking to Jibbs at the Billboard Music Awards, and I was utterly charmed by this guy. He's funny and articulate, and his single, "Chain Hang Low," is irresistibly fun. (The background vocals come courtesy of his little brother and sister.)

Check out the video footage from his Jibbs Super Street 16 party in L.A. It features live versions of "Yeah Boii" and other highlights from his debut album, Jibbs Feat. Jibbs.

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