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Jimmy Fallon's First Week at The Tonight Show Has Been Pure Gold

Feb 22 2014 - 7:59pm

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon [1] is off to a funny, fantastic, and star-filled start! The new host has carried his usual hijinks over from his last gig, and we're not complaining. This week has been like a tour of his greatest hits, from a sequel to "Hashtag" to a new edition of "Ew!" Everything has been bigger and better, and Will Smith [2] even went full-on Fresh Prince of Bel-Air for "The Evolution of Hip-Hop Dancing." In case you've been falling asleep early this week, take a look at the videos everyone is talking about.

Source: NBC [3]

Jimmy's $100 Bet With Every Celebrity Ever

For his first order of business, Fallon lightened the mood by bringing a parade of his celebrity friends [4] on the stage to pay up for not believing he would make it to The Tonight Show.

The Evolution of Hip-Hop Dancing With Will Smith

Then, he welcomed Will Smith for a lesson in the history of hip-hop dancing [5]. Yes, they do The Carlton.

The Ragtime Gals Perform "Ignition (Remix)"

The infamous Ragtime Gals made an appearance [6], singing R. Kelly's classic hit.

Kristen Wiig Dresses Up as Harry Styles

Then Kristen Wiig turned up as Harry Styles [7] — because why not?

Charades: Part 1

Emma Thompson [8] swung by for a quick game of celebrity charades [9].

Charades: Part 2

At which point, we all learned that Bradley Cooper is terrible at charades [10].

#Hashtag2 With Jonah HIll

Fallon and Hill did a sequel to "Hashtag," [11] the skit Justin Timberlake [12] originated last year.

Brian Williams Raps "Rapper's Delight"

Because no week is complete without a rap supercut, Brian Williams performed "Rapper's Delight" [13] — sort of.

"Ew!" With First Lady Michelle Obama and Will Ferrell

The new show is so popular, even Michelle Obama appeared on "Ew!" [14] with Fallon and Will Ferrell [15].

Will Ferrell Shows Off His Downton Abbey Skating Routine

Ferrell is no second-string guest, though. He performed a skating routine to the theme of Downton Abbey [16].

The History of Rap 5 With Justin Timberlake

Is there any other way to close out the week than with The History of Rap 5 [17]?

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